Kevin Smith On The "Commodification" Of STAR WARS

Kevin Smith On The "Commodification" Of STAR WARS

What does filmmaker and lifelong fan Kevin Smith think about the inevitable resurgence of all things Star Wars about to explode back into our lives? Does he feel it's going to be "overkill"? Find out after the jump..

I think it's fair to say most people like, or have liked Star Wars at some point in their lives. Sure you'll have some that just don't dig sci-fi type movies in general and that's fine, but for the rest of us I doubt there are many that don't like at least one movie from the saga. And yet, there has been some resistance to the news that we will be getting more movies. Maybe it's because some just don't believe they can possibly good and would rather not have them at all, maybe they feel the damage was done with the prequels and can't be undone, maybe they just don't like that Disney have control and have hired J.J Abrams - I'm sure there are many reasons, point is some people ain't happy. But one man who certainly is happy is Kevin Smith. Smith has been a fan for many years, even referencing Star Wars in most of his movies, and he speaks in depth about the new movies and the impact they are sure to have in an interview with THR. He also drops a couple of names to play younger versions of Han and Lando, but I think (hope) he might just be joking.

"Now part of the Disney empire, Star Wars will become as ubiquitous as Starbucks. It's now as American as baseball and apple pie and as universal as Coca-Cola. In our current business climate of outsourcing, Star Wars may be America's last remaining dependable export. So it's a good thing they're taking the expanded universe approach: giving Yoda, Boba Fett and Han Solo their own movies is creatively and financially ingenious. Grouse though they may that it's not 'their Star Wars', every old-school fan will line up to see a Yoda origin story, or to see David Borneaz as a a young Han Solo winning the Millennium Falcon from Donald Glover's baby-faced Lando Calrissian (Yeah, I'm calling it here!).

You can't call it the commodification of Star Wars because the creator himself first commodified Star Wars a long, long time ago in a decade far, far away with toys and bed sheets and inflatable light sabers. Star Wars has always been big business. It's a roller-coaster ride in a theme park: thrilling, fun and good for repeat business. And as you leave the ride, you're compelled to buy a T-shirt and snow globe memento. Disney paid billions for Star Wars, but with the JJ news and now this subsequent info about the spinoff flicks, they're gonna make double what they paid in the first 10 years alone. After that, the financial Force will be with them. Always."

Pretty hard to argue with that. What do you guys think?

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