My Top Five Director Choices for Star Wars VII

My Top Five Director Choices for Star Wars VII

This took some thought... I'm guessing most people on this site have one movie they're looking forward to more than any other movie.

I'm also guessing that for many people that movie was The Avengers, TDKR or The Hobbit. The anticipation for TDKR towered much higher than any other movie had for me, and after that came out none of the already announced could possibly spark the excitment that did for me. Don't get me wrong I am very excited for Into Darkness, Man of Steel, Marvel movies, but they just couln't match what I felt for TDKR. Then on October 30th Disney had bought Lucasfilm, this was my new movie. My mind started racing when I heard it, but one thought remained above all. Who would Direct it? Now, with months to ponder this question I beleive I have a solid list. I will not be putting anybody who is ruled out or completely rediulous.

5. Joe Johnston

This is the safe choice of the list. He has dealed with big franchises, and worked on the original trilogy. I think the mix of action and comedy is pretty much what Stars Wars would need. One big drawback of Joe would be that he has defenetly made some movies, for example: Jurassic Park 3, Hidalgo, The Wolfman. Another thing I want for Star Wars is a realtively young director to bring Star Wars in to this generation, and with him being 62 would not provide that.

4. Gary Ross

This is one I'm surprised hasn't been speculated more. I mean this guy just directed a huge book to film adaption in The Hunger Games, and did a good job with it. One thing that sticks out about this guy is that not only has he directed a big blockbuster, but he has also directed a Best Picture nominee in Seabiscuit. I would say the biggest downside of him would be that he has never worked with sci-fi, which could really screw things up. He has already agreed to direct Peter and the Starcatchers for Disney, but I'd have to imagine he could be somewhat easily switched to Star Wars.

3. Matther Vaughn

The most speculated on this list. I mean this guy seems like a perfect fit. He hasn't really made a bad movie, and revived a franchise in X-Men FC. He hasn't really done sci-fi, but has worked with similar big budget visuals in X-Men and Stardust. I also think he is still working toward making his magnus opus, and Star Wars could just that. The one big worry I would have with him is that he hasn't had the best track record with continuity, and if he screws it up with Star Wars I will have a problem.

2. Tom Hooper

The weird choice of the list. This guy has not done anything remotely close to Star Wars, so why would I pick him. This guy handled a blockbuster in Les Miserables as while as subtle drama/comedy in The King's Speech and was nominated for tons of Acadamy Awards for each. I beleive he could provide set a perfect tone for the movie. He is also famous for doing research on his projects, which would be needed. The obvious downside is that he has not done anything remotely close to Star Wars. It's hard to exactly describe why I would like this to happen, but I think if you read up on him you might agree.

1. Alfonso Cuaron

This guy is the perfect choice of the list. Really, is there any reason to beleive Alfonso would not do a great job? This guy is perfect for the job. First of all he directed arguably the best Harry Potter film and did a great job with the visuals. Second of all, he has experence in Sci-Fi with making Children of Men which was universally loved. Alfonso is just a rare filmmaker who can make needed changes to Star Wars without getting rid of what makes it Star Wars. I think he would be able to appeal to the fanboys as while as gaining more respect for sci-fi from critics.

I hope you liked my list.
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