Possible New Details On STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

Possible New Details On STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

Possible New Details On STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

Latino Review's resident Star Wars man Dave Gonzalez has posted some new info on J.J. Abrams' currently shooting seventh installment, which he's confident is on the level. There's stuff in there about the villains, a certain armor, and John Boyega's character, among other things.

In his latest Star Wars: Episode VII report, Latino Review's Dave shares some new pieces of info that he's confident have "solidified enough to be reportable". It's all pretty interesting stuff, and there's even some info on one of the main characters who'll be played by Attack The Block's John Boyega. None of it is particularly SPOILERY, but just in case it's all true and you want to know absolutely nothing about the film, best skip it.

 "There will be a female villain. Over 50% sure she's a Sith. I'll follow up on this in later weeks.

Despite having 30 Years after Jedi to set one up, there is NO New Republic at the start of Episode VII.

Boba-Fett-similar armor is around. Probably not for the man himself. Mandalorians? Clone drama? Still unclear on a plot/character connection.

John Boyega isn’t a Jedi or a Padawan at the beginning of the movie, he’s the one that has the story arc that brings him into Star Wars’ greater universe. It has echoes of Luke’s arc in A New Hope".

The female villain is intriguing, and if true is likely to be either Lupita Nyong'o or Gwedoline Christie -- but who would they be playing? Fans are hoping for Clone Wars character Asajj Ventress, but as awesome as that would be, I think it's probably wishful thinking. No New Republic? Seems unlikely there won't be at least a mention of some type of united federation of planets after the collapse of the Empire, but you never know. Most interestingly, it seems that Boyega will have the Luke Skywalker arc, ie, emerge as the principal protagonist in the story. We can't confirm any of this of course, but what are your thoughts?
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