Red Letter Media's Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith Review

Red Letter Media's <i>Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith</i> Review

At last Mr Plinkett returns with his final review of the Star Wars Prequels. Its damn long, its damn strange, its damn funny!..

If you haven't heard of these scathing reviews(attacks?) on George Lucas' much maligned Star Wars prequels by Red Letter Media then I suggest you check out the previous 2..if you have a few hours to spare! Because the ever weird Mr Plinkett does not do things by halves. His first(and funniest) review of The Phantom Menace clocked in at 70 minutes, Attack Of The Clones about 90 and this one is almost 2 hours! Some of it is overly picky, some meandering and pointless but most is bang on the mark and at times laugh out loud hilarious. I haven't watched all of this yet but without too much to do today but be hung over I intend to. Do yourself a favor and watch even just to hear Jar Jar Binks described as a "loathsome c*nt".

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