SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY SPOILERS - Explaining That Mind-Blowing Cameo And What Comes Next

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY SPOILERS - Explaining That Mind-Blowing Cameo And What Comes Next

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY <font color=red>SPOILERS</font> - Explaining That Mind-Blowing Cameo And What Comes Next

Solo: A Star Wars Story features a cameo no one saw coming and we now have an in-depth explanation about that alongside a look at what could come next for the character in the Star Wars Universe...

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a fun movie and one which defies expectations in a lot of different ways. However, there's a surprise in there that none of us saw coming and that's the return of Darth Maul! The popular villain debuted in 1999's The Phantom Menace and has since lived on in novels, comic books, and animated TV shows but what does the future now hold in store for the character?

Here, we're not only taking a look at the ramifications of Maul's return to the live-action Star Wars Universe but also provide an in-depth look at where he's been since getting sliced in half by Obi-Wan.

We may also have some ideas where his Solo cameo fits into the greater Star Wars timeline and where he'll be popping up next as the apparent big bad of these spinoff movies. So, to take a look at this full list of details, all you guys need to do is click on the "View List" button to check out the entire thing. 

Wait, Isn't He Dead?

In The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul was sliced in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi minutes after the villain killed Qui Gon Jinn. While his death appeared to be pretty definitive, we've since learned (and this is canon) that he managed to survive by focusing on his anger and hatred for the Jedi and that ultimately led to him being able to flee to Lotho Minor, a junk planet where he ended up going, well, insane.

After creating spider-like legs to replace his missing ones, he was found by his brother and taken to their homeworld of Dathomir where his mother was able to heal his mind and replaced those spider legs with ones salvaged from Separatist droids (which he later upgraded but we'll get to that later).


Taking On Obi-Wan Kenobi

With his mind restored, Maul started to build his own crime syndicate in a big to get revenge on Obi-Wan. While that was never referred to as "Crimson Dawn," it would be easy for Lucasfilm to reveal that he had many different bands of followers and that Dryden Vos is actually one of many. During The Clone Wars animated series, he clashed with the Jedi on a number of occasions but was ultimately defeated and was given more human-like mechanical legs by a group of Mandalorian terrorists.

After gathering a number of crime families to create the Shadow Collective, he once again clashed with Kenobi but soon turned his attention to his former master Darth Sidious. The future Emperor easily defeated him and takes great pleasure in torturing his former apprentice with Force Lightning.


Maul's Escape And A Gap Which May Tie Into Solo

Count Dooku later tortures the imprisoned Maul but the villain manages to escape and things are starting to look up for him before General Grievous tracks him down and wipes out his army and family.

Once again, Maul gets away but it's here that may very well explain why we saw him in Solo: A Star Wars Story as the leader of Crimson Dawn. There's a big gap between this defeat and when he resurfaces in Star Wars Rebels (more on that below) and that means Lucasfilm could easily find a way to explain that after his followers abandoned him, he could have used what little resources he had left to create a new gang of followers in a bid to regain power after being humiliated by his old master.

Assuming he resurfaces in a Solo sequel and that Han manages to take his organisation down, chances are that could go some way in explaining how he ended up being stranded on Malachor for years.


Star Wars Rebels

Despite the fact Star Wars Rebels never explains how Maul ended up on a planet strong with the Dark Side of the Force which just so happened to also feature an ancient Sith Temple, the show wasted no time in revealing what the villain got up to next. Realising that he can use Ezra Bridger to unlock a Jedi holocron and Sith artefact which would reveal Obi-Wan's location, he was a thorn in their side for quite some time before getting what he wanted: a final confrontation with his longtime enemy.

The End Of Darth Maul

Upon realising that Kenobi was hiding out on Tatooine protecting someone he believed was the chosen one, Maul does battle with the man who once sliced him in half but is shockingly cut down in short order. Then, the two share a rather touching farewell as they forgive each other and Maul wonders if Kenobi really is watching over the chosen one. In reality, that's still Anakin Skywalker rather than Luke but it seems the villain was finally content with just letting history now play its course without him.

What Comes Next

So, we've established a rough timeline for Darth Maul's life after The Phantom Menace but what does the future hold in store for the character? We know that Disney's next animated series will revolve around Poe Dameron so he won't be popping up there and it seems highly unlikely that he'll be the star of those new trilogies which are in the works from Rian Johnson and the Game of Thrones team.

Personally, my bet is that his story arc will continue playing out in the Boba Fett movie and that he's going to become a background figure in this first wave of spinoffs as a way of tying together the prequel and original trilogies. That gives Darth Vader and the Emperor a break and puts the spotlight on a villain who fans of this franchise have enjoyed seeing more of ever since he made that first return.


How Han Solo Fits Into Things

Where does this leave Han Solo? That depends. If his movie is a success, it's feasible that Lucasfilm will want to bring the cast back for another round. As of right now, though, it's hard to say whether that's even remotely likely to happen, especially as many fans are still reeling from The Last Jedi and the rushed marketing campaign means many moviegoers don't seem to know a whole lot about it. 

Han could show up elsewhere, of course, with that Boba Fett movie perhaps the most likely possibility. After all, shedding some light on why there seems to be a rivalry between the two would be no bad thing and seeing as Qi'ra is on her way to Darth Maul, it would be crazy for Han to just forget about her and move on with his life. Then again, if his movie isn't a hit, that could be exactly what happens.


What If It's Setting Up The Obi-Wan Movie?

While it's highly unlikely that Lucasfilm will revisit the final battle between Maul and Kenobi (it would be no bad thing if they did seeing as the small screen version was so underwhelming), we could see the former Jedi Master forced to leave Tatooine on an adventure which would culminate with him leaving Maul on Malachor believing that he would be trapped there and never return to haunt him.

That fills a major gap in the villain's history and it would be pretty easy to have Han show up without ever actually meeting Obi-Wan. Either way, it seems something big could be in store for Darth Maul moving forward and that's something which is definitely worth being excited about. What do you guys think? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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