SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Topps Trading Cards Provide New Looks At The Film's Main Heroes And Villains

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Topps Trading Cards Provide New Looks At The Film's Main Heroes And Villains

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Topps Trading Cards Provide New Looks At The Film's Main Heroes And Villains

Thanks to a new wave of trading cards from Topps, we have new character profile images of Han, Chewie, Lando & the rest of the heroes and villains of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Check 'em out after the jump.

On the heels of the new (and presumably, final) full trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, Topps has debuted a full set of trading cards which give us fresh looks at all of the main heroes and villains of the upcoming anthology flick.

Well, we have already seen the image of Han walking alongside Chewie, but the others all appear to be new, and provide more detailed looks at some characters that are still shrouded in mystery such as Enfys Nest and Moloch.

Check 'em out below, and let us know if you're looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story in the comments section.

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Enfys Nest

We still don't know a whole lot about the rather awesomely-monikered Enfys Nest, but the recent Denny's promotion did reveal a few details.

The character is actually female and most definitely a villain. She leads a gang of pirates known as the Cloud-Riders who will come up against Han and his crew at some point in the film.


Chewie fans were disappointed that Han's trusty copilot and longtime friend didn't get a lot of screentime in The Last Jedi, but it looks like Solo will rectify that by giving everyone's favourite walking carpet a bit more to do than smash down a door and cook a Porg.

Chewie is pictured here sporting some snazzy new goggles.



Val (Westwold's Thandie Newton) is another character that we still don't know much about, but it has been revealed that she's a part of Han's new "criminal family."

It's also previously been confirmed that Val won't be too impressed with the young scoundrel upon first meeting him, but that their relationship does go in an "interesting direction" from there.


Like Enfys Nest, Moloch's name was only revealed as part of Denny's tie-in promotion - but we know even less about this guy.

It has been confirmed that he'll be played by stuntman Harley Durst, and based on what we've seen from the trailers he seems to be one of Nest's henchmen.

Han And Chewie

This pic reuses a previously seen promo shot of Han and Chewie.

Despite the many reservations Star Wars fans have about this movie, one thing most seem to be able to agree on is that it's going to be great to see these two back in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon together.

Tobias Beckett

Another look at Tobias Beckett, who'll be played by Woody Harrelson.

Becket leads the criminal gang that recruits Han and serves as a mentor to the budding space smuggler. Initially, fans believed that the character would be based on Garris Shrike from the Legends continuity. However, while they do appear to share some similar attributed, this now seems unlikely.

Qi'Ra 1

Qi'Ra is the lead female character in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and will be played by Game of Thrones alum Emilia Clarke.

Han is expected to have a rather tumultuous relationship with Qi'Ra, whom he first encounters when the pair are much younger. Here, we see the more affluent incarnation of the character we'll meet later on in the film.

Qi'Ra 2

Another shot of Qi'Ra here. This time the character is garbed in less glamorous, far more battle-ready attire.


L3-37 (Leet), abbreviated L3 or Elthree, is a female hodgepodge droid voiced and performed via motion capture by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

L3 is a one-of-a-kind, assembling and improving herself with scraps from other droids. She'll be Lando's partner in the movie, and based on what we've seen she won't be afraid to get in on the action.

Lando Calrissian

Finally, here's another look at the younger Lando Calrissian, who'll be played by Donald Glover.

For many fans, seeing Glover as Lando is one of the biggest draws of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and he's widely expected to steal the show. We know that he and Han ultimately wind up becoming more rivals than friends (then back to friends again), and it's going to be very interesting to see how that plays out here.

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