SPOILERS: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Concept Art Shows A Very Different Luke Skywalker And May Tease Episode IX

SPOILERS: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Concept Art Shows A Very Different Luke Skywalker And May Tease Episode IX

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Concept Art Shows A Very Different Luke Skywalker And May Tease Episode IX

A new batch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi concept art has surfaced which focuses solely on Luke Skywalker, revealing some very different designs for the Jedi Master and possible spoilers for the future...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has proved to be a very divisive movie among fans and regardless of whether you loved or loathed it, it's easy enough to see why. After all, writer and director Rian Johnson has taken the franchise in a very unexpected direction, revealing answers for questions we didn't ask and not providing closure for those we've all been debating since The Force Awakens was released.

Something the filmmaker definitely did get right is the portrayal of Luke Skywalker, and while fans have been talking a lot about what Johnson should and shouldn't have done with the character, some newly surfaced concept art reveals that many different directions for Luke were considered during pre-production. 

Below, you'll not only find different takes on the Jedi Master, but looks at his home on Ahch-To, his final scene, and even some hints about where the Star Wars franchise could
be taken as we move into Episode IX. Needless to say, major spoilers follow but to see the artwork, click on either one of the images below. 

An early idea for The Last Jedi was for Luke to be visited by a Sith Ghost (red instead of blue) who would have been revealed as being responsible for pulling the strings of Supreme Leader Snoke. 

Horrified that Rey is communicating with Kylo Ren (and potentially being influenced by the Dark Side), Luke uses his considerable powers to tear apart the hut she's calling home on Ahch-To.

Early ideas for Ahch-To would have used Jedi and Sith iconography, revealing that users of the Force weren't always Light or Dark. This is what the Emperor's window on the Death Star II was based on.

This is arguably the version of Luke many fans would have preferred to see in The Last Jedi as he looks more like an aged warrior rather than a hermit. This wouldn't have fit the story, though. 

Clearly inspired by the look of the Star Wars prequels, this temple for Luke would have no doubt been brought to life by George Lucas with the use of a lot of green screen and special effects!

We got to follow Luke doing his chores on Ahch To but it turns out that the Jedi Master was going to have a skiff at one point. It would have made for a cool visual but where would he have found it?

A drastically different take on Luke, this probably would have a controversial move among fans and looks like it would probably fit in well with the aesthetic of George Lucas' prequels.

The moment Luke sneaks aboard the Millennium Falcon to relive old memories, Chewbacca can be seen in the forefront presumably feeling guilty about cooking up one of the Porgs

It's hard to say for sure what's going on here but it appears as if Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker are trying to get Rey to pick a side and choose whether she'll stick with the Light or move to the Dark.

One of the most unexpected moments in the movie, this shows Luke leaping across a chasm as he skewers a fish for his dinner much to the surprise of Rey who was clearly worried about him! 

Shockingly, this has ended up being one of the most controversial moments in The Last Jedi as fans have found fault with Luke milking one of these creatures and drinking it immediately afterwards.

A very cool piece of artwork showing how this older Luke was imagined for the movie, the hero is looking very weathered here and much of this ended up making it into the final cut of The Last Jedi.

A great shot of Rey and Luke together, the young apprentice is clearly paying a lot of attention to what the Jedi Master is saying and it would be great to see a finished version of this artwork. 

Luke Skywalker learns about the fate of Han Solo in this fireside chat with Chewbacca and Rey which ended up making it into the final cut of the movie almost exactly how it's shown here. 

Another great alternate design for Luke, it's apparent that Lucasfilm went through a lot of different designs before finally deciding how the older Jedi Master should look in The Last Jedi

A different setting for Luke's crashed X-Wing, it looks far more decayed here and you can see that Rey is joined by BB-8, something Rian Johnson asked J.J. Abrams to change in The Force Awakens!

A very regal take on Luke, this appears to be a design for his return at the end of the movie when he uses the Force to appear on Crait and confront his twisted nephew, Kylo Ren. 

The ancient Jedi tree which houses the texts ultimately stolen from Ahch-To by Rey, take a look at Luke and you'll notice that he seems to be using a stick, a hint he was going to be more elderly.

This was brought to the big screen almost exactly as it was portrayed in concept art as Luke walks in and sees Rey and Kylo Ren touching hands as they communicate through the Force. 

It seems the plan at one point would have been for The First Order to attack Ahch-To and if you look closely, you'll spot Kylo Ren's ship hovering in the background before he confronts his uncle.

A unique take on Luke's home in The Last Jedi, it's pretty obvious that he would have used the Force to hide its location, making Rey's journey hourney to hunt him down even more difficult. 

This gorgeous shot is obviously the inspiration for Luke's final scene in the movie as the seasoned Jedi Master finally finds peace and becomes one with the Force after helping launch a new Rebellion.
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