STAR WAR: THE LAST JEDI International Synopsis Further Hints At Dark Side Rey; Plus New Rose Tico Image

STAR WAR: THE LAST JEDI International Synopsis Further Hints At Dark Side Rey; Plus New Rose Tico Image

An international synopsis for Star Wars: The Last Jedi may offer further proof that Rey will indeed turn to the dark side in the movie. We also have another look at Kelly Marie Tran as new character, Rose.

There's always a chance that the Star Wars: The Last Jedi marketing is purposely misleading us to believe that Rey will embrace the dark side of the force in the film, but if that is the case, they're doing a pretty good job of it.

The most recent TV spot hinted at a showdown between the budding Jedi and Luke Skywalker, and now a Japanese plot synopsis (via That Hashtag Show) suggests that both Rey and Kylo Ren are in a state of force flux, and that the former is in danger of being "taken away by the darkness."

“The Light, the Darkness. Rey and Kylo Ren – two people who seem to move between the two. A new shocking development is hinted to await them in Star Wars: The Last Jedi…. What awaits Rey and Kylo Ren is the question of ‘The Light or the Darkness?’ as together they are tossed and moved by the powerful Force. Rey who awakens the Force in the previous film, carries a sense of being lost and unsure. Will she be taken away by the Darkness.”

In addition, EW has debuted another look at newcomer Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico, who will accompany Finn on his dangerous mission to the casino city of Canto Bight. Apparently, that necklace she's wearing holds some significance to the plot, but the actress isn't ready to spill the details just yet.

“That is definitely something that is significant to Rose’s backstory,” Tran reveals. “It is an object that she kind of has throughout the film and it is representative of more than the object itself to her. So, yeah, that’s all I can say. It has significance that is, to me, something that means more than just what the object itself is.”

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be forced to spill its mysteries when it hits theatres in December.
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