STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Promo Poster Leaks Online Finally Revealing The Knights Of Ren And More

STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Promo Poster <font color=red>Leaks</font> Online Finally Revealing The Knights Of Ren And More

A new promo poster for Star Wars Episode IX has unexpectedly leaked online, and it features a first look at a number of new characters, including the sinister Knights of Ren! Hit the jump to take a look...

Lucasfilm is expected to reveal the official title and first trailer for Star Wars Episode IX at Star Wars Celebration next month, but a promo poster has leaked online - via Reddit - in the meantime which leaves us with plenty to discuss. 

We'll get to that a little later, but the biggest takeaway here is the fact we finally get a proper look at the Knights of Ren; they all bear a striking resemblance to Kylo, but appear to be wielding some ancient looking weapons rather than lightsabers or anything we typically associate with the Sith. 

Those red Stormtroopers are also pretty fierce looking, and the woman in purple must be Keri Russell's still very secretive character. 

Now, before the typical cries of "Fake!" begin, it's important to note that this isn't a theatrical poster. Instead, it's the sort of thing you'd find being sold in stores or adorning toy boxes. In other words, i's promo art put together with live-action imagery, but still very spoilery when it comes to reveals!

With any luck, more leaks are coming so be sure to stay tuned for CBM for further updates.

The image has been removed at the request of Disney.
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