STAR WARS: Meet The 3 Female Pilots Cut From RETURN OF THE JEDI

STAR WARS: Meet The 3 Female Pilots Cut From RETURN OF THE JEDI

Princess Leia aside, the original trilogy was a little short on ladies - and no wonder when they were being cut from the movies left right and center! Footage of 2 these unsung rebel heroes can be found on the Blu-rays, but now a few more details have emerged..

This first one actually did make the final cut, but her line "got it" was dubbed over by a man, before she was blown to bits by a Tie-Fighter seconds later.

This older lady was also cut. Apparently the reason was that seeing female characters die in fiery explosions would have been a bit much for audiences of the time. Evidently seeing them fed to giant monsters after failing to please their master was fine.

Footage of both of those gals can be found in the Original Trilogy Blu-ray extras, but now thanks to Buzzfeed we know there was also a third female pilot that ended up on the cutting room floor. French actress Vivienne Chandler even had more than a page of dialog to go with her scenes.

Personally I don't know what people are complaining about - wasn't there also that Sy Snootles chick that sang in Jabba's Palace, AND the aforementioned hot green alien with tails on her head that was fed to the Rancor! No women characters? Pfffft.

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