STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Star Mark Hamill Explains His Interpretation Of What The Film's Final Shot Means

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Star Mark Hamill Explains His Interpretation Of What The Film's Final Shot Means

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill recently explained what the final shot of Rian Johnson's divisive entry in the iconic saga, The Last Jedi, means to him. Check out the actor's interpretation after the jump...

How a story ends is arguably even more important than how it begins. The final shot in a film is the director's stamp on the story; the final thing your audience will see of your movie. InceptionCasablanca, even the recent A Quiet Place would all be examples of films which thrills the audience with brilliant final shots. Another recent movie that ended with an intriguing and highly discussed final shot is Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The most recent entry in the Star Wars saga ended with a young boy (officially named Temiri Blagg), who we'd seen earlier in the film during Finn and Rose's subplot, reaches his hand out and pulls a broomstick using the force. The ending tag has been the source of much debate in an already incredibly divisive movie.

Luke Skywalker actor, Mark Hamill, recently admitted his love for the final shot and explained what it means (to him). Hamill told GamesRadar:

What I love particularly was - and they didn't have to do this, because the movie's over - all of a sudden you cut to the stable and there's that little boy, he puts out his hand and the broom comes to him. It's so subtle, the first time I saw it I thought he just took it, but if you look he puts his hand out and it moves over for him, implying that yeah, [Rey's] the last Jedi... until the next Jedi. It'll go on forever, believe me. Long after both of us are gone they'll be making these films from here into eternity.

The scene was certainly an interesting one, both because of its contents and because, like Hamill said "they didn't have to do this, because the movie's over." It was essentially a second ending to the film, practically a post-credits scene.

What could lend credence to Hamill's interpretation is that: Whilst Luke is Force-projecting himself onto Crait, the elder Jedi tells his nephew that "I will not be the last Jedi." Rey becomes the last Jedi upon Luke's death, but like Luke before her, she will not be the final Jedi.

What do you think about Hamill's interpretation of the final shot? What do you think the tag means?

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