The First Installment Of THE LAST JEDI Director Rian Johnson’s New STAR WARS Trilogy May Arrive In 2020

The First Installment Of THE LAST JEDI Director Rian Johnson’s New STAR WARS Trilogy May Arrive In 2020

Though the development of Rian Johnson's new trilogy may have been questioned by fans after the response to The Last Jedi, things are running smoothly, with the first installment on pace for 2020.

Though the fan response to The Last Jedi may not have been as ecstatic as Lucasfilm had hoped, it seems as though they still have faith in the vision that Rian Johnson has to offer.

It is agreeable among fans that Johnson took some very ambitious risks when approaching the Star Wars franchise. It is also very likely that this storytelling pursuit is more accessible to audiences when it comes to creating original characters and new mythology within the Star Wars canon. When the new trilogy was originally announced by Lucasfilm, it was later revealed that the company was sold on the project without a story pitch ever being made.

Thankfully, there has been some progress since then, and according to The Last Jedi producer and frequent Rian Johnson collaborator Ram Bergman (who appears far left on the banner), we will see the first installment of the trilogy by 2020 at the earliest.

It’s a completely new trilogy that writer-director Rian Johnson, my partner, is going to create. It’s all new characters. Everything is new … In two years [it may release]; it’s just in the early stages.

Though there are some Star Wars fans who prefer this trilogy to not happen at all, it is encouraging to see that Lucasfilm is opening up for more material past what was established in the original trilogy.

The Kenobi spin-off has quietly been making progress behind the scenes, and since the studio is now looking to release only one film a year, it’s more feasible to believe Kenobi will hit theaters in 2020, leaving Johnson’s film to release in 2021. Since the film is still in the very early stages, this seems like the most plausible outcome.

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