UPDATE: Lawrence Kasdan & Simon Kinberg Close Deals To Write STAR WARS 8 And 9

<font color= red>UPDATE:</font> Lawrence Kasdan & Simon Kinberg Close Deals To Write STAR WARS 8 And 9

This should make fans of the original Star Wars trilogy VERY happy indeed - Deadline are reporting that both Kasdan (writer on The Empire Strikes Back) and Kinberg could well be on Disney's radar to script the next two movies in their planned trilogy..

We know Michael Arndt is on writing duties for Episode 7, but now Deadline's Mike Flemming says he's heard that Disney have approached Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg to script the next two installments in the new Star Wars trilogy.

Kasdan should need no introduction - he not only wrote what many consider to be the best Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back, but its follow up Return Of The Jedi, and the best of the Indiana Jones movies, Raiders Of The Lost Ark. While Kinberg has worked on X-Men: First Class, and is currently on board the sequel, Days Of Future Past. Also, regarding the rumor that Disney were planning 2 Star Wars movies a year? Deadline reports: "Disney plans to generate a film every other year starting in 2015". Slightly different, but awesome nonetheless I'm sure you'll agree.

Unfortunately we can't report this as a done deal, as according to Flemming, "the studio will not address speculation.". But he says he's going to go with his sources on this, and why not! I for one really hope it happens, and see it as a good sign that Disney are looking back to what made the original movies so special. Still no word on a director for Episode 7, but it shouldn't be long until we at least get a shortlist.

UPDATE: We may have confirmation, as THR's Boris Kit Tweets..

The site adds: "The pair will write either Episode VIII or Episode IX — their exact division of responsibilities is yet to be determined."

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