Will Michael Giacchino Score STAR WARS VII?

Will Michael Giacchino Score STAR WARS VII?

Will Michael Giacchino, who has scored all JJ Abrams' productions, replace original Star Wars Composer John Williams for the upcoming Star Wars VII?

Now I know what you are all thinking, no one can replace what multiple Oscar Winner John Williams has done for the Star Wars Saga. The original film scores for the first three films has made its mark as one of the greatest pieces of music in modern cinema. Williams is known for creating memorable film music that everyone can easily pick up on years after, films like Jaws, Indiana Jones franchise, Harry Potter, etc. John Williams is showing no signs of slowing down, having scored Steven Spielberg's recent films Adventures of Tintin and War Horse (2011), as well as 2012's Lincoln.

But WHAT IF John Williams decline? Or WHAT IF JJ Abrams wants Star Wars VII to be a whole new and fresh start for a franchise that was let down by the recent prequels (Revenge of the Sith was awesome)? Who can replace him?

JJ Abrams has used Michael Giacchino for most of his TV shows he created (Alias, Lost, Fringe), films he directed (Mission: Impossible III, Star Trek, Super 8, and this year's STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS), as well as produced (Cloverfield, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol). Giacchino is also established on his own, having composed scores for multiple Pixar productions such as The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Cars and winning an Oscar for Up.

Will Abrams somehow convince Disney to use his always reliable composer? Or will he finally break up what has been a formidable combination and work with legendary John Williams?
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