William Shatner said what about Star Wars?

William Shatner said what about Star Wars?

The age old geek debate continues! Star Trek or Star Wars which is the winner?

William Shatner (Capt. Kirk) is well known to be a ladies man and the flagship actor for Star Trek. On a recent video interview Shatner was quoted: "Star Trek dealt with human relationships, Star Wars was special effects....was at its best." In effect admitting Star Trek is BETTER than Star Wars!

While I agree with somewhat he says in this interview not everything, I will have to point out that Star Trek came on the air in 1966. During the U.S.'s Civil Rights & Vietnam War era. Thou it was first doesn't mean it's the best!

Gene Roddenberry creator of Star Trek was way ahead of his time being a VISIONARY of what "WE" could be. Star Trek dealt with real issues of the times, amongest other social issues & continues to do so.

Note to Lucas what the Hell are you waiting on. Gives us a Star Wars TV Series already, the technology is here now!

One of my favorite episodes-- The Measure of a Man

Which centers on the android crewmember Data. This one calls into question the very nature of Data’s being, as well as his right to choose. Is he a man, or is he a machine? About human rights and “disposable people.”

P.S. Iam a fan of both but I would pick Star Trek over Star Wars anyday! Let your voice be heard in the usually place!
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