First Look At Official Movie Logo For James Cameron & Tim Miller's TERMINATOR Sequel

First Look At Official Movie Logo For James Cameron & Tim Miller's TERMINATOR Sequel

We have our first look at the official placeholder logo for James Cameron & Tim Miller's upcoming Terminator film, as well as an indication of what the title of the movie will be. Hit the jump for details!

Thanks to CinemaCon at Las Vegas, we have our first look at the official logo for James Cameron and Tim Miller's next intsallment in the Terminator franchise.

The movie appears to be taking things back to its Terminator-roots with a logo style that is very reminiscent of the 1984 film that began it all. As you can see, the film is keeping things relatively simple with the logo:

The logo appears across an image of Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) from T-2, who returns to the franchise for the first time in a major role since 1991. Hamilton will star alongside franchise icon Arnold  Schwarzenegger, who return to play the T-800.  The logo also gives us an indication of the official name for the 6th Terminator film, simply called "Terminator."

Terminator, a 'reimagining' or 'soft reboot' of the franchise, will reportedly serve as a direct sequel to the original Cameron films, The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, seemingly ignoring the other three films that have come after.  Returning to, and embracing, what made the first two films so great and timeless is a sure recipe for success. Cameron recently had the following to say in an interview with Collider about how he is approaching the film:

The Terminator films are all about artificial intelligence. But I would say we're looking at it differently than when I wrote the first story in 1982. That was just your classic 'technology bad, smart computers bad' kind of thing. Nowadays though -- it's got to be a much more nuanced perspective. So, it's 'smart computers bad... BUT...' That's the new motif.

The plan is for this film to set up a new trilogy, introducing a new storyline and new characters that will become the faces of the franchise. Recently, Gabriel Luna and Natalia Reyes were announced as joining Mackenzie Davis and Diego Boneta as these new faces. Production on the film will begin this summer, with an expected released date of November 22, 2019. 

Be sure to share your thoughts on the logo design and what appears to be a back to the roots approach for Terminator.
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