MPAA Rates Terminator Salvation Director's Cut Rated R

MPAA Rates Terminator Salvation Director's Cut Rated R

MPAA Rates Terminator Salvation Director's Cut Rated R

Terminator Salvation Director's Cut Rated-R For Violence and Brief Moongod Nudity

I know when people heard about Moon Bloodgood's nude scene being cut from the movie a lot of people were ready to hate on Mcg(more than they already do). Well for the fan-boys you can go back to squirtin' your pants, because it's coming back baby!!!

In May, the last time Peter reported on the issue, the official line was something like this:

Director McG only cut one shot in "Terminator Salvation" to earn the PG-13 rating. The quick cut involved featuring Sam Worthington’s character Marcus “stabbing a screwdriver through the shoulder” of a thug. McG claims that in the end the Moon Bloodgood shot “felt more like a gratuitous moment of a girl taking her top off in an action picture, and I didn’t want that to convolute the story or the characters.”

So the MPAA's rating doesn't really dispute the earlier reports about what was taken out of the movie, but calling it a Director’s Cut causes you to ponder his respectability.

It's not technically a directors cut if all you do is put in deleted scenes. Maybe there's something he hasn't told us...Something we don't know yet. Who knows?

I know what you must be thinking: Why would you cut that stuff? I would have loved to see Sam sticking a screw driver through some guy. It makes him that much more bad ass. That mixed with seeing Bloodgood topless. Who cares about 13 year-olds not seeing this movie? More older people would go to see a bad ass movie like this, and teenagers just want another movie to sneak into anyway.

But will this really effect the movie much? Does this effect how you feel about the movie? I thought the movie was good and a squeal would be the shit, and I really don't think adding these two scenes would have done anything better for the ratings.
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