TERMINATOR: DARK FATE Posters Spotlight New And Returning Characters

TERMINATOR: DARK FATE Posters Spotlight New And Returning Characters

TERMINATOR: DARK FATE Posters Spotlight New And Returning Characters

Terminator: Dark Fate is set to hit theaters this November, and we now have a series of character posters giving us new looks at Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), The T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and more.

20th Century Fox (the movie's UK distributor) has debuted a series of character posters for Terminator: Dark Fate, giving us fresh looks at the new and returning heroes and villains of the long-running sci-fi film series..

The most recent trailer for Dark Fate assuaged some fan concerns, but there does still seem to be quite a bit of trepidation surrounding this latest attempt to revive the flailing franchise after the disastrous Terminator: Genisys.

Getting Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton back on board was definitely a smart move, but we'll have to wait and see if it pays off when the movie blasts into theaters this November.

Check out the posters below by clicking the "view list" button.

Grace And Dani Ramos

The first poster features a pair of new characters, Dani Ramos and Grace.

Grace (Mackenzie Davis) is actually not a new type of Terminator as we previously assumed, but a mechanically enhanced human. Dani (Natalya Reyes), meanwhile, is the unassuming young woman Grace has been tasked with protecting.


Former Ghost Rider actor Gabriel Luna will play the franchise's latest villain: a lethal Terminator known as REV-9.

We still don't know a whole lot about this new killer cyborg, but he's believed to be some sort of T-800/T-1000 hybrid. The trailer also revealed that he's able to replicate himself, which should make things very difficult for Sarah Connor and co.

Sarah Connor

Speaking of Linda Hamilton's returning hero, this banner gives us a badass new look at Sarah Connor, who appears to be more than ready to dispatch any number of "metal motherf*ckers" that get in her way.

The T-800

Will that include Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Carl?" Connor makes it very clear that she'll attempt to destroy the older model T-800 once Dani is safe, but something tells us she'll rethink her stance by the end of the movie.
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