THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Bryan Singer to Produce New TV Version

THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Bryan Singer to Produce New TV Version

Submitted for your approval: Although a Twilight Zone movie has been in development, it's been announced that producer/director Bryan Singer is developing a new version of the Rod Serling classic as a television series for CBS TV Studios.

The increasingly busy Singer, who has Jack the Giant Slayer coming out next year and will next be directing X-Men: Days of Future Past, will, according to Deadline, develope, executive produce and possibly direct this proposed TV version. The deal is being finalized with the estate of the late Rod Serling, who created the original 1959-64 anthology series that was earmarked by its unique twist endings.

An underrated remake series aired on CBS from 1985-89, with Forest Whitaker serving as host of a 2002 version that aired on UPN.

No word on what this will mean for the feature film version, that was supposed to be directed by Matt Reeves, though that plan may be changed by the fact that he's signed on to direct Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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