Third Riddick Movie In The Pipeline

Third Riddick Movie In The Pipeline

Third <em>Riddick</em> Movie In The Pipeline

Vin Diesel has Twittered that locations are being scouted for a Pitch Black threequel.

Last time anyone heard from director David Twohy or Vin Diesel about another Riddick movie was in August, when Twohy explained that he had been developing two ideas, one rated PG-13, the other rated R, but the studio was having a hard time picking either. Now, on Vin Diesel's official Facebook page, he reveals that

"the Riddick team is in New Zealand location scouting already… that's exciting."

It is, and it isn't. If the next movie turns out to be like Pitch Black then there is reason for excitement. If it turns out like the sequel, Chronicles Of Riddick...well, not so much.

So, three guesses which of the two ideas the gore mongers on this site are gonna be hoping for! Seriously though, leave the PG-13 ratings to Twilight movies for Gods sake.

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