New Tron: Legacy Concept Art and Viral Forum

New Tron: Legacy Concept Art and Viral Forum

New <em>Tron: Legacy</em> Concept Art and Viral Forum

Thanks to Tron: Legacy fans with crazy code-breaking skills, new concept art depicting the light cyle has been revealed. Plus, a viral forum!

If you've been following Tron: Legacy news, then you already know about the viral code countdown that led to the release of a new still from the movie and the news of an upcoming IMAX event.

Think that's all? Think again!

Some fans with crazy skills have discovered that the Flynn Lives web-site, which represents a site in an "alternate reality" where the events in Tron are real, has even more hidden stuff than anyone thought. By selecting images in a binary sequence, a Flynn Lives forum was revealed. You can't post anything or comment here, but there are a lot of great comments by the denizens of Tron world. Two comments led to this site and this site, revealing scrambled concept art depicting the new light cycle (below).

There's bound to be even more of this kind of cool stuff released for Tron: Legacy
as time goes on, so stay tuned to CBM for the latest!
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