TRON LEGACY Director Offers Shot-by-Shot Analysis of the Film's First Trailer

TRON LEGACY Director Offers Shot-by-Shot Analysis of the Film's First Trailer

<i>TRON LEGACY</i> Director Offers Shot-by-Shot Analysis of the Film's First Trailer

Spoiler Alert: Read how the film's director breaks down the occurrences of the individual scenes from the trailer.

The trailer for much anticipated sequel to 1982's TRON was just released this week. The film's director, Joseph Kosinski, gave MTV a call and offered a walk through of the entire trailer that had fans begging for more. Kosinski's details offer fans a deeper perspective of the film, so if you like being surprised you might want to skip the commentary.

From MTV:

"The first shot is Sam Flynn on an important location in our film. Alan Bradley's an important character from the first movie and an important one in ours. He's got that kind of voice of God. We open with a promise he made to Sam that if he ever found any information about Sam's father, he'd let him know first."

"When Alan was Kevin Flynn's right hand man, Kevin said, 'Sleep with this pager.' Amazingly, a page came from a phone number that'd been disconnected 20 years ago when Kevin disappeared. It's the number of Kevin's office in the old Flynn's Arcade."

"Sam jumps on his Ducati. Kevin was an adrenaline junkie. The first film we saw him breaking into ENCOM headquarters. His son has his father's talents. Little foreshadowing, as riding will become useful. He's got skills that will pay off inside Tron."

"So he jumps on his Ducati and we see him weave his way through traffic, working his way downtown and he finds the abandoned Flynn's Arcade that has been shuttered since his father disappeared."

"It's a time capsule of 1989. The jukebox is full of '80s tracks, all the machines are there, the upstairs office is in tact. We created everything down to the parking meter in his office, the Recognizer neon sign, the Coleco game on the couch."

"He notices at the end of the aisle is his father's greatest video game achievement. That's Tron, a video game he created for ENCOM after his adventures in the first movie. Sam decides to play one more game."

"That's the start of the mystery. Alan throws Sam the keys to Flynn's Arcade and thinks that it's something that Sam should investigate, kind of pushing him because Sam is resistant."

"He discovers a hidden office. Kevin was doing experiments no one knew about. He disappeared in '89, seven years after the first movie. Kevin had an opportunity to upgrade the hardware and software and make a more portable, more advanced system."

"We see the upgraded ENCOM server. Everyone remembers Dillinger's tabletop computer from the first film. Now we see an upgraded version that Kevin had hidden away."

"Sam starts trying to find out what his dad was doing on the machine and, in doing so, trips off a compact version of the laser that his father had set up for his own experimentation."

"We see things have evolved. It's the updated Recognizer. Here I wanted to show this is a world that has scale and vastness. Even though it's all occurring on the footprint of a microchip, the world when you experience it is infinite in all directions."

"He's being lifted into a disc game. One of our trickiest shots. It starts with a close-up on Sam's face and ends up 300 feet above you. Whenever you do a continuous camera move, you've got to replicate it in the real world to create that perspective."

"There's a time dilation effect where time scales in the inside world about 50 times faster than it does in our world. So even though it's been 20 years since Kevin disappeared, that's been almost 1000 years in the computer."

"That shot captures the mystery of her character and something that's uniquely Tron: the combination of materials and style. I also didn't want it all to be action shots. People are expecting light cycles and disc games."

"Young Jeff Bridges. You got to give people a taste. My reference for Clu is the era Jeff did 'Against All Odds.' Hardest thing to do in visual effects is pull off a realistic human face. Clu's the biggest challenge in our movie. He's a major character."

"The disc war arena is a series of eight simultaneous one-on-one matches. Imagine an NCAA bracket tournament happening in real time in front of you. It goes from eight matches, to four, down to the finals."

"Beau Garret plays Jem, one of the four sirens who outfit Sam for the game. They work in the armory underneath the disc game arena. That's where programs come to be outfitted for armor for the game. She shows up later as another key character."

"That's Castor. He owns a nightclub at the top of the tallest tower in the city. He has a checkered past. If you need anything, he can probably get it for you. He plays a pivotal role in the movie. You get a glimpse that he has a flair for the dramatic."

"It's a father/son/son story. Kevin has a biological son Sam and a digital son Clu. It's an interesting dynamic between those characters. Really the heart of the movie. We start off the trailer with a voiceover and we end up with a hint of that reunion."

"Gotta have a light cycle in any 'Tron' trailer. Fans would rise up if not. I liked it at the end. You get to see Sam's skills we hinted at earlier. I hate knowing all the best stuff was in the trailer. I want this to give a promise of what's to come."

Interview courtesy of MTV. Images courtesy of Disney.

For those of you who have yet to see the TRON LEGACY trailer, here it is in high definition from the MySpace Trailer Park:

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