Universal Remaking The Invisible Man

Universal Remaking <i>The Invisible Man</i>

David Goyer, the writer of "The Dark Knight" and "Man of Steel," reveals details about the project to the L.A. Times.

David Goyer: “It’s a period film but it’s period like Downey’s ’Sherlock Holmes.’ It’s period but it’s a reinvention of the character in the sort of way that Stephen Sommers exploded ‘The Mummy’ into a much bigger kind of mythology. That’s kind of what we’ve done with ‘The Invisible Man.’”

“It’s something slowly working its way through the Universal development channels. It’s still alive. We did some pre-vis tests and things like that that they were very happy with. Now we’re going through the casting process. if they get the right lead, they’ll make it.”

With Universal remaking classic monster movies like The Mummy and The Wolfman (I don't count Van Helsing), they were bound to get to The Invisible Man at some point. The character was actually created by H.G. Wells 1897, and then adapted into a movie by Universal in 1933 starring Claude Rains. H.G. Wells thought the movie was quite good, but was not happy to see that the main character was portrayed as a lunatic. The movie was a hit, producing multiple sequels, one being The Invisible Man Returns, and another was the comedy Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man.

As for comic books, the invisible man has been used quite often. One of the more recent versions was, Hawley Griffin from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Alan Moore wrote the comic book series, and had planned to use H.G. Well's character, but couldn't get the okay.

My favorite version of the invisible man is 1992's Memoirs of an Invisible Man, starring Chevy Chase. This movie is extremely underrated, and I think it gets left under the radar because Chevy Chase is such a polarizing actor. If you have an open mind this movie is worth your time. What makes it so good, is that it actually tries to add as much realism as possible. Most people would be ecstatic to be invisible, most of us have that fantasy, but don't realize all the negatives that go with it. But that movie addresses the negatives, and for that I applaud it. What's it like to eat when you are invisible? Will you see your food being digested? The answer is yes!

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