Updates on Guillermo del Toro's Sci-Fi Monster Movie, PACIFIC RIM

Updates on Guillermo del Toro's Sci-Fi Monster Movie,  PACIFIC RIM

After the jump, you'll find a couple updates on the upcoming monster/robot mash, Pacific Rim. Check it out.

So is everyone hyped for summer 2013? Good, cause we have a Godzilla-like movie heading our way. Over at the Del Toro forums, the director has taken some time over the past month to answer some questions regarding the film. Below are the most important.

First up, my favorite one, about the giant robot designs in the film.

I never “bend” a property to fit me. I just fall in love with the stories and give it my everything, so- don’t worry about GOLDEN ARMY Mechas. These are proper robots but they obey our own sensibilities in design. I am not making them gear or steampunky at all but I also don’t want them to be just a “riff” on preexisting designs from Anime or games.

Hmm, so no Mechagodzillas sadly. Next most important one, about changes to the script after the recent events in Japan.

As far as Japan, Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), one of our main characters is Japanese and her flashbacks are tied to a MAJOR set piece set in Tokyo. We are involving – and always have involved- the entire PACIFIC RIM. Japan, China, Australia, Coastal Russia etc, etc No major rewrites took place after the Earthquake. I changed the nature and location of Mako’s flashback but it was still in Japan.

For the rest, hit the link at the bottom. Pacific Rim stomps and blasts its way into theaters next summer.

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