Van Damn! Universal Rebooting TIMECOP

Van Damn! Universal Rebooting TIMECOP

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Universal Pictures is developing a reboot to Jean-Claude Van Damme's tour de force, Timecop(1994). Sadly, the re-imagining will not feature the Muscles from Brussels. Hit the jump to voice your opinion.


I gotta admit, Timecop is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Hell, Jean-Claude Van Damme's films from the early 90's are all guilty pleasure for me. Yes, I had no taste in films when I was hitting puberty, fuck you. Anyways, the 1994 film is "set in the near future where time travel is regulated by a police force. One officer (Van Damme) runs afoul a crooked politician (played by Ron Silver) using time travel to further his political career."

It's incredibly entertaining, with a strong supporting cast lead by Mia Sara (Ferris Bueller's hot girlfriend) as Melissa Walker, Bruce McGill as Commander Eugene Matuzak and Gloria Reuben as Sarah Fielding.

So, when today's news came out that Universal was remaking Timecop I wasn't exactly happy, nor was I angry. I always thought the premise was interesting enough. If handled correctly a franchise could be cultivated.

Fun Fact: The film and its sequel (direct-to-DVD) were both written by Mike Richardson, the founder and publisher of Dark Horse Comics. His company published the adaptations which were themselves written by Mark Verheiden, and drawn by Ron Randall. - wikipedia

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