"V"...Best Premiere I've Seen in a LONG, LONG TIME!!!

"V"...Best Premiere I've Seen in a LONG, LONG TIME!!!

Well I thought that Norma Jean's Robin costume was the greatest thing I would see tonight...and it WAS...but "V" was a close second.

"V" begins with the arrival of the "Visitors" on Earth, and how it impacts the world that (much like ours) is in turmoil from war, terrorism, and a busted economy. Immediately Anna, the leader, reassures everyone that they "come in peace always" and merely seek supplies from Earth and will offer techonology and medicine in return.

We then see how this impacts the main characters:

Erica Mitchell: A counter terrorism FBI agent

Tyler Evans: Erica's rebellious son

Ryan Nichols: A banker with a mysterious past who is about to get married

Father Jack: A dedicated Catholic priest

Dale Maddox: Erica's partner

Georgie Sutton: A former associate of Ryan's

Chad Decker: An underappreciated news reporter who immedatiely developes a repoir with Anna.

The world is thrown into chaos as people embrace, reject or merely cautiously observe the visitors in this first episode. 90% is the reaction of the humans to the aliens who claim that we are the first intelligent species they have found apart from themselves. Erica is disturbed because her son immediately embraces the "V's" while simultaneously tracking a terrorist cell in NY with her partner Dale. However it quickly becomes apparent that there is a leak in the FBI and the two begin to conduct investigations alone.

Father Jack is highly skeptical of the aliens and how they fit into God's plan, despite his older priest colleague, Father Travis, insisting they are a miracle and that their presence has urged people to go back to church, seeking direction.

Ryan begins getting phone calls from old friend Georgie, who it soon turns out is the ring-leader of a resistance movement declaring that the V's are in fact hostile and have been present on Earth for a long time, causing catastrophies such as war and economic woes in order to place themselves as our saviors when they are revealed.

It is at this meeting that most of the characters come together, though Ryan is reluctant to assist his friend, referring to some kind of clan-destine past the two shared, and the dangers that resulted from it.

Tyler joins an "ambassador" program to the V's at the prompting of Lisa (Smallvile's Laura Vanderfoot), despite his mother's disapproval of his fixation.

In the last bit of the show, the resistance has a meeting where they "test" the people present to ensure they are human, claiming that the V's are reptiles beneath cloned human skin. As this meeting is being conducted, reporter Chad Decker is about to interview Anna who suddenly instructs him not to ask her anything that may make the V's look bad. When Decker says he cannot be asked to do that Anna reminds him of how beneficial it will be for his career and that if he fails to agree to the terms, she will cancel the interview.

Meanwhile back at the meeting, Georgie is trying to convince everyone of the V's true intentions when a kind of "bomb", deployed by the V's, goes off within their building, immediately killing several people, while the survivors are suddenly attacked by knife-wielding intruders, among them, Erica's partner Dale.

Initially the humans drop like flies, however Erica manages to over-power Dale by bludgeoning him in the head, which reveals his reptillian skin below his human appearance. She and Father Jack flee while Georgie is about to be killed by another intruder, only to be stopped and eliminated by Ryan, who afterwards retreats with Georgie. Soon after it is revealed that Ryan is a V himself, but a good one and he promises to help the resistance, with more V's who think like him.

Erica and Fr. Jack begin to make plans about a new resistance, while Tyler is welcomed as a V Ambassador.

What's bad about the show is that it feels a bit rushed. It's almost as if the writers don't even TRY to get us to trust the V's before they reveal their intentions. That and the kid who plays Tyler can't act too well.

What's good about it is A LOT...the story is fast and intelligent. The special effects are movie quality, the mood and the action fit right, and the time goes by quickly, making the viewer merely salivate at the thought of the next installment.

I think this show is AMAZING if the pilot is any indicator and I am truly scared about the effect of the hiatus that will begin after a mere 4 episodes. But I have to remain positive. And btw, to avoid criticism about writing about a non-comic entity (some people do piss and moan if it's technically not), let me tell you "V" DOES have a comic book pedigree, circa 1980's from DC comics.

I'm anxious to hear if anyone else was as blown away as I was by this bad boy, so please let me know!

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