VIDEO: Sandman's Neil Gaiman Talks Dr Who "Doctor's Wife!"

VIDEO: <I>Sandman's</I> Neil Gaiman Talks <i>Dr Who</I> "Doctor's Wife!"

Canada's Space Channel Interview with Doctor Who Writer Neil Gaiman about upcoming "The Doctor's Wife" episode...

At WonderCon Teddy Wilson interviewed Neil Gaiman about his upcoming Dr Who episode “The Doctor’s Wife” which is the fourth episode from Season 6. Gaiman and Dr Who fans now have details from this special episode.

"In my episode I got to be really proud because I got to write scenes where Matt got to be vulnerable and I got to write scenes in which Matt got to be disturbed and upset and experience things that The Doctor doesn't normally get to experience and Matt breaks your heart, he's just wonderful."

LEEE777 - This I've got to say is the one episode I'm really looking forward to in this new BBC series of Dr Who.
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