Where Rise OTPOT Apes can go with a Sequel

My thoughts on where the reboot Apes story can go next and continue to reflect on the original series.

After seeing 'Rise', the first installment in a reboot series of the well known OTPOT Apes series, I have been thinking really of what I saw in the movie and where the story can continue from there.

Destiny of the Planet of the Apes:

Opening seen involves Caesar and a female Ape named Lisa currently undercover at a circus(Ape-Ninja like) winding down for the day. Caesar pretends to be a dumb circus chimp until the circus workers leave for the night and then he and Lisa help break out all the circus apes and guide them into the night back to their sanctuary.

In this sequel the major plot would revolve around Caesar attempting to assert intelligent Apes independence from the US and his hopes to create an independent nation while courting the female chimp love interest, Lisa, and dealing with the philosophical Orangutan and the warrior-minded Gorilla factions and promoting his first law-Ape not Kill(especially not other Ape). All this during a world crisis involving millions of humans dieing from an unstoppable virus.

Will is busy trying to find a possible cure to counteract his creation and is swept up by the government which is working on a similar project. There he learns an unbelievable secret. Three talking chimps from the future are being kept under close guard. He is then taken to numerous video recordings of interrogation sessions in which the apes describe the future they come from and allude to a horrible disaster. With public panic knocking at his door and the death toll rising, he teams up with the Ape scientists who call themselves Zira and Milo in the hopes of devising a cure.

Meanwhile, relations between humans and Apes is not going well for Caesar. Not as well as meeting his newborn son. At this time however, a rival Ape has stepped forward, questioning his law not to kill humans considering the humans just appear to want to go to war and blame the Apes for the virus(word got out that the two are related). He points out that mankind is already keeling over left and right.

As time flows and the situations all continue to get worse, Zira reveals she is pregnant with a child of her own with her husband, Cornelius. The apes don't know what to do. They don't feel safe bringing a baby into the world that is in utter chaos. Will offers to spirit the child away to a safe place when the time came in exchange for a bloodwork sample of the newborn that might contain a clue to the antivirus they are looking for.

At this point Caesar's son witnesses an act of brutality from his father's rival Ape. He runs and while the rival is attempting to chase him down accidentally causes the child to fall, plummeting from a high branch and impaling himself on a jagged snapped branch far below.

A riot occurs at a government base while attempting to move Zira's newborn child to another building. In the process, Zira and Cornelius are killed and Dr. Milo uses the chaos as opportunity to escape. Will is left with the young Chimp who'm his mother and named after their friend Dr. Milo only hours before.

Caesar is traumatized by the death of his son and as Lisa pieces together clues incriminating the rival Ape Caesar is troubled by news that Will was sighted at a military base where 2 Apes were killed. The death of the chimps causes him to reconsider his diplomatic approach to Ape Nation independence. But before he can do anything about it, he discovers Lisa being intimidated by the rival Ape in his home. This infuriates him and demanding to know what this is about, Lisa reveals the rival's actions. Before Caesar can make any further decision, the rival Ape attacks him and he is force to fight in self defense. He is killed but the murder was witnessed by several other Apes, the rival revealed for the brute he truly is. Lisa takes charge and exiles him from Ape Nation.

Meanwhile Will uses the young chimp's bloodwork to find the break in the virus's deadly aggression and tests it on himself before handing it over to the government. He then secretly takes the baby chimp and escapes off the compound intending to deliver him to Caesar. That's the plan anyway. Until he hears news of the death of the Ape Leader and the trouble in the Ape sanctuary itself. He decides against taking the chimp there and becomes determined to raise the new chimp. He is almost caught by the military, but as veins start subtly popping up on his forehead, he is able to make the military officer think his uniform caught on fire. Bewildered by this and still on the run, he passes a checkpoint using the false identity "Armando". He and Milo drive off into the night.

End scene- Dr. Milo(the last future chimp) enters into the Ape sanctuary and is met by Maurice(the circus orangutan). The two begin to talk, and Maurice mentions having fantasized about being a scientist. Maybe one of his descendants might even be famous one day.

Note: Baby Milo is intended to take the name Caesar II in honor of the memory of the original Caesar in the next film.
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