Who's The Daddy?

Who's The Daddy?

Here's the scoop on all your Doctor Who goodness for The Christmas Special and Series 6 (Series 32 for us true Who-ers).

Let's start with news on the Christmas Special, titled 'A Christmas Carol'. In the BBC Autunm/Winter clip (available on YouTube) shows The Doctor refer to himself as 'The Ghost of Christmas Present'. Also starring in this years festive episode will be Michael Gambon. I am looking forward to this as I have really enjoyed Steven Moffats run so far and have absolutely fallen in love with Matt Smiths rendition of The Doctor... but that might be due to my love for Patrick Troughton, who was my favorite Doctor to date.

Filming for the Christmas Special took place not far from me and unfortunately I was unable to get any pictures or inside scoops. Better luck next time.

As well as all these festive frolics new news has come regarding Series 6. Legendary comic book writer Neil Gaiman (Sandman) writing episode 3 of the new series, and Doctor Who regular writer Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen) will be writing episode 4, titled 'What are little boys made of?'.

And on top of all this, Katy Manning is returning to the Whoniverse and appearing in a two part episode of The Sarah Jane Adevtures (Katy portrayed Jo Grant, the Third Doctors companion prior to Sarah Jane Smith). Also appearing will be The First, Second, Third, Fourth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor. In what way, I don't know. We shall have to wait and see.

AND if this isn't enough to get your screwdriver sonicing then Suranne Jones (Coronation Street) is also appearing as 'an old friend of The Dcotors with a new face'- as stated by Neil Gaiman. Could this be The Rani? Or (hopefully) the return of Romana?

Series 6 will be split into two - one half showing in the usual Spring slot for 8 episodes and the latter half of the series showing in Autumn 2011. I do know there will be a cliffhanger at the series break... although I only know a rumor there will be a death of a character. And I'm not saying who until I know for sure.

I have high hopes for this series as I felt the last series was truly brilliant and am really enjoying Matt as The Doctor, I hope you all are also.
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