Zack Snyder Working On a New STAR WARS Movie; Won't Be Connected To The Upcoming Trilogy

Zack Snyder Working On a New STAR WARS Movie; Won't Be Connected To The Upcoming Trilogy

Director Zack Snyder is reportedly developing a new Samurai-style Star Wars project for LucasFilm and Disney, but it won't be Epiode VII, as the film won't be a part of the upcoming trilogy. More after the jump...

As we wait for an announcement on who will be helming Star Wars Episode VII, something else has been revealed. According to Vulture, director Zack Snyder (Watchmen, Man of Steel) is seemingly developing a Star Wars project for LucasFilm and Walt Disney. But, it's not Episode VII. The report says that the film he is working on is set in that universe, though it won't be connected to the new trilogy:

" He is in fact developing a Star Wars project for Lucasfilm that is set within the series’ galaxy, though parallel to the next trilogy. It will be an as-yet-untitled Jedi epic loosely based on Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 classic Seven Samurai, with the ronin and katana being replaced by the Force-wielding knights and their iconic lightsabers."

That part about this spin-off being based on Kurosawa's masterpiece Seven Samurai is really interesting. The Zack Snyder-directed Star Wars film sounds pretty great to me, and if you add some Samurai stuff, that's only a plus. The report also adds:

"...but one insider expects it will not be considered part of the “numbered” episodes, but rather a stand-alone film set sometime post–Episode VI events, meaning the next phase of the franchise development is much broader than previously thought. Our sources also say that Snyder’s would start production after Disney starts on its planned 2015 release of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Walt Disney is planning to release Star Wars Episode VII in 2015, followed by a new Star Wars film every two to three years. It was recently revealed that Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine writer Michael Arndt will pen Episode VII and that he already wrote treatments for an entire new trilogy, while Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg will also work on the films by possibly expadning the universe with spin-offs.

What do you think of this news?

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