Ben Affleck On STAR WARS EPISODE VII: "I'm Glad I Don't Have The Job"

Ben Affleck On STAR WARS EPISODE VII: "I'm Glad I Don't Have The Job"

The Argo director is a huge Star Wars fan, but while speaking to MTV at the GQ's Men of the Year event he expresses relief that he doesn't have the mammoth task of bringing a new installment to the screen. He also weighs in on one of the rumored helmers, J.J. Abrams..

As fans wait with baited breath for the official announcement of who will be taking over from George Lucas on the new Star Wars movies, the speculation and rumors will surely continue. One man who clearly won't be taking the gig is self professed Wars-geek Ben Affleck. The actor/director is definitely looking forward to the movies however. "There might be purists who are opposed to it" says Affleck, "But I think it's a very cool thing and I'm excited to go see the movie." But he also acknowledges the challenges involved in taking the reigns on such a beloved franchise, gives his opinion on one of the names rumored to be in line for the job - Star Trek helmer J.J. Abrams - and reveals what type of director he would look for..

"J.J. would kill it, he would crush it, but he would be great at anything. There are a lot of good directors out there. Naturally I would be inclined to get somebody who's great at telling stories. You're never going to be able to recapture the story that was the initial three, because it's so legendary and iconic. I don't know, I'm glad I don't have that job. It's a tough decision to make."

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