New Making of 'Empire Strikes Back' Video Surfaces!

New Making of 'Empire Strikes Back' Video Surfaces!

From Lucasfilm of all people! Plus Vote in CBM's own favorite Trilogy!

Lucasfilm just released this trailer for its upcoming book "The Making of Empire Strikes Back," hitting Book Stores everywhere Oct. 12, 2010.

The author, J.W. Rinzler, was given unlimited access to the Lucasfilm data banks to put together a 'Making of' story that is not filled with endless BS and fluff. One would note how pissed off the crew got when Lucas (who chose to fund 'The Empire Strikes Back' himself) started to run out of money. That's right Comic Book Movie fans, the most celebrated sequel in film history almost ran out of money while Lucas was filming. You also get a special glimpse of the original script by Leigh Bracket.

Which brings me to CBM's next poll! I know, I too am compromised with Excitement! So here it is. Show you're CBM support and vote for, in you're opinion, what is the best Trilogy ever filmed?

The polls will be open until Tuesday September 21st, at which time I will post the results. Show you're support for the worlds best, biggest, greatest, not to mention most popular, movie site on the web,!
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