InstigatorGIRL's Rant & Review of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

InstigatorGIRL's Rant & Review of <i>Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World</i>

My review of the latest CBM. Was it the "Epic of Epic Epicness" it claims to be?

I feel, by now, everyone on this site knows enough of what the synopsis is for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World that I don't have to lay it down for you. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boys has to defeat evil exes to be with girl. Yada, yada.

Now I was able to pick up the comic series and read it before going to see this movie and let me just say, Wow! I will admit it was not a perfect translation from comic book to film but it was pretty damn close. There were several scenes that just seemed to have jumped from the pages. Now the ending of this movie is nothing like the ending in the comic books, with the exception that Scott faces Gideon Graves, but I was able to forgive it because I believe the last Volume in the series wasn't released yet when they were filming this. Also some scenes were just too ridiculous in the comics I'm glad they didn't do them in the movie.

Visually this movie is great! Its an eyegasm to behold and a nerdgasm to fans of the comic series and to gamers. My favorite scene was the "Amp Battle" between Sex Bob-Omb and the Katayanagi Twins AKA Evil Exes 5 & 6.

The music was pretty good. Again, the "Amp Battle" scene was my favorite because it was awesome visually and even the music during that scene blended so well. The bass battle between Routh and Cera was awesome to the ears too. (In fact, as I'm typing this review I am listening to the Amp Battle. Jizz.)

The acting in this movie was above par for me. I really had my doubts about Cera as Scott Pilgrim but he really owned that part with girl voice and all. I also loved Caulkin as my favorite character, Wallace Wells. He had such comedic timing in this it was awesome to watch. I loved everyone they cast as the Evil Exes! Everyone played the part so damn well. I honestly couldn't say any of those guys (and gal) were cast wrong. Cheers to the suits who cast this movie! Bravo! Every character was pretty much spot on!

The fighting was so much fun to watch! It blended the intensity and cheesiness of the fights and really was a fun ride! While I still don't think Michael Cera would stand a chance at all in any of those fights it was still fun to see him pwn everyone.

This movie will definitely make you laugh. Whether it be from the funny one liners or the cheesiness of the flick you will get your giggles out. Everyone was cracking up in the theater I was in. Especially when Thomas Jane made his appearance as a Vegan Police Officer. HA!

My one complaint has to be that the ending came off as a bit lazy. I don't know how to explain it better than that but it just seems like they weren't sure how to really end it so they just threw something together. This is after the fight with Gideon of course. The fight with Gideon was good.

I am happy to say this is one of the best CBMs to come out. I really did enjoy this film and I feel it is worth the time and money to see it in theaters. While, I admit, I did enjoy The Expendables a little bit more I will not deny that this movie met my expectations and I was thoroughly nerdgasmed out by the end. Great movie!
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