InstigatorGIRL's Rant & Review of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game

InstigatorGIRL's Rant & Review of <i>Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game</i>

8 Bit gaming FTW! Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game is definitely worth the $9.99 on the PSN but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its letdowns.

So this game follows the similar recipes of that of Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. and many others. You go through the levels bash as many baddies as you can until you get to the end of the level and face the boss or, as many know them, the Evil Exes all while collecting coins. While fighting you gain exp. Points and level. As you level you learn new skills. While traveling throughout the level; there are little shops and sometimes bonus levels where you can gain more coins. (Cue GameStop Bunny)

Now I’m not a big gamer like others so this may not be the best review ever on a game but here are my "likes" and "dislikes."

-I hate the damn mechanics of this game. It’s kind of hard for me to really pull off any attacks when getting ganged up on and some enemies are a pain in the ass to beat because I can’t seem to pull off the attack I want to do.

-This next one was a pro and a con for me. This game was really difficult to me. Now I loved that I couldn’t just speed right through the game but also there’s times where enemy after enemy are coming down on you and you can’t get a single hit off. This keeps going until A) a miracle happened and I got away or B) I died. This was extremely aggravating. Again, I’m not a big gamer so the difficulty may vary for others.

-I love the sound effects and the music and the graphics. Really took me back. I especially loved the “K.O.!” sound effect after beating an Evil Ex.

-I wish they had the option to find out what certain items were for. Maybe I wasn’t getting it but it seemed like the only time I found out any information about an item was after I bought it. Then I’d either regret spending the coin on it or not.

-Love the Multi-Player option on this. I was able to play with my friends and enjoy.

Overall, this is a pretty awesome game. The thing that kind of turned me off about it was the mechanics of the game. They could be improved big time, but I still enjoyed the game and will keep playing it. I mean, for only $9.99 I guess you get your money’s worth.
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