Scott Pilgrim Video Game Announced!

Scott Pilgrim Video Game Announced!

Ubisoft to adapt the hit Scott Pilgrim comic into a 2D beat 'em up game! And you won't believe is working on it!

It's only been a few days since the trailer to the Scott Pilgrim movie was officially released, and buzz for this movie could not have been stronger, until NOOOW!

Ubisoft recently revealed details regarding the rumored video-game acting as an adaptation of the comic book Scott Pilgrim series, both regarding the games animation and music.

The animation of the sprites (oh yeah! We're going old school here!) will be done by none other than Paul Robertson. Who's Paul Robertson? Well, you may have seen his work strewn around the internet in the form of little gifs involving people eating babies and gross zombies eating people. Yes, THAT guy! Still don't remember? Here's his most famous work.

So yeah, wasn't that just one of the most awesomesauced things you've ever seen? Well hold onto your butts, because it just gets even better! Guess who's doing the music? Anamanaguchi! Anawhozawhaza? Well, for those of you who don't know, Anamanagucji is a NYC based punk band that make a very special brand of music known as chiptune. What is chiptune you ask? Chiptune is a genre of music is basically music made to sound like old video-game music, which Anamanaguchi does by hacking into an old SNES console. Here's a sample of what they sound like:

Now you maybe thinking to yourself, "Wow! This all sounds awesome! How is this going to come all together?" Well I'm glad you ask! Because not only do we now know what the game will sound and function like, but we also have footage and screens! Oh yeah! Check it out! Here's footage of Anamanaguchi at a concert where they announce they're involvement in the games production as well as play a song for the game with footage in the background (footage courtesy of crimsong19)!


Here are the screens that were captured by other folks at the show!

So yeah. This is totally gonna rock. What are your thoughts?
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