Director David F. Sandberg Talks About SHAZAM! And How Billy Batson "Gets To Become Superman"

Director David F. Sandberg Talks About SHAZAM! And How Billy Batson "Gets To Become Superman"

While Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will no longer be in Shazam!, the focus is still on Billy Batson becoming a superhero, and according to director David F. Sandberg, Billy becomes his own kind of Superman!

Now that David F. Sandberg has confirmed his involvement with New Line Cinema's Shazam!, the director has shifted his focus from the horror genre to the comic book movie genre. Of course, with that comes a lot of speculation, and though he can't address every rumor, Sandberg has decided to talk about Shazam! without revealing too much.

Unlike many directors, Sandberg spends his time on Reddit speaking to fans about his upcoming projects and answering questions, which up until now have been about his horror films Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation.

Shortly after it was revealed that he would helm Shazam!, however, Sandberg took to a DCEU Reddit to talk about the film, teasing fans about the upcoming WB project's script and why he chose to direct a film about a boy who becomes a superhero. "To keep it general and not go into script details I'd say the core thing that's appealing to me is the wish fulfillment," said Sandberg. "What kid doesn't want to be Superman? This is a kid that basically gets to become Superman."

Given that Shazam! will take place in the DC Extended Universe, Billy Batson has probably witnessed the events Superman has played a major role in, such as the Black Zero Event, the Trinity battling Doomsday, which lead to Superman's death, and the upcoming Justice League battle against Steppenwolf. For a kid who gets to become Superman, it'll be nice to see a new perspective on major DCEU events from a young fan within the universe.
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