EDITORIAL: How a Shazam Film Would Work Greatly Towards The New DC Film Universe

EDITORIAL: How a Shazam Film Would Work Greatly Towards The New DC Film Universe

Shazam is one of DC`s greatest heroes and icon and they have no plans yet to make a film about him! This is a disaster as many fans know and love the character enough to know this concept could easily work, my thoughts continue.

Hello everyone once again and my fellow followers. I would like to start off with saying yes, I don't know a lot about Shazam. I have seen the DC Showcase short they made with Superman and Shazam teaming up. I guess I read a comic with him. I have also seen the 90s film Kazaam staring Shaq which I believe is based upon the character. Well if Kazaam was a film based on Shazam and that film worked I guess a reboot would work too, but Warner Bros doesn't seem to think so. As the film would need to coincide along with Man of Steel and the upcoming films.

So Kazaam or Shazam also known as Captain Marvel is the alter ego of a kid who was given these magically powers to fight evil and stuff in the image of a tough superhero. His name was Billy and he says Shazam and becomes this superhero and now has to think like a true hero in order to save the day. This concept may sound silly but it's not. Only with a few minor changes you have the perfect film. But why are they truly afraid to make a Shazam film? A great benefit I could think of is that it would greatly bring in the younger market instead of the aging market towards their films. A new hero not many people are familiar with at all since I believe he hasn't been featured in any of the DC animated television shows at all or even a live action series. This is what Marvel does as they did with Thor. With Marvel they managed to have translated a concept as nutty as Thor and turned it into this epic masterpiece. But with Thor being presented within the films it felt more alien. Alien is a keyword when it comes to wanting to make a Shazam film. You need to make the concept feel more alien. Which is for in order for a Shazam film to work they need get rid of the magic concept and add an alien concept instead.

Now I am not saying alien directly as alien but more in terms of the word alienated. An origin and idea so distant and far apart. This is an ideal that was explored in Man of Steel but untimely failed to convey it properly in another reality but in a greater known reality Man of Steel is a version of the title that it brings. This is the chance for Shazam to borrow on those ideals and make it better than ever. Imagine Man of Steel remade with Shazam instead of Superman. As the 90s film Kazaam worked towards that character for those times it is a new era right now Shazam needs to brace himself in. The character of Billy whatever his band is doesn't need to be in it. The idea to seclude Shazam within DC Films current reign is to give him Kryptonian origins. I know they once discussed that idea with Wonder Woman and are still in current talks. But imagine making every hero have a Kryptonian background including Batman. That would be a factor to help the films in the origin factor, to speed up that factor faster in order for the audiences to understand the characters more easily and better.

Shazam could be a direct mirror to Superman in terms of powers abilities. He could even be an evil or alternate universe type version of Superman. Clark Kent says, "SHAZAM!" and he appears to wreck havoc around him. Making Shazam the nightmare is the next stage in his evolution. Making the character the darkest character you will ever meet even darker than his nemesis Adam something. Shazam would have been the most perfect villain for Man of Steel. His constant personality struggling who would be essential. He thinks he is this kid named Billy but is really not and struggles between grasping on life itself. The concept of life really and the harsh realty of being this alternate hero who no one likes at all.

Being the hero no one likes at all brings a stronger character study to Shazam. Remembering the film Kazaam, Shazam was portrayed as a genie played by Shaq. Now how relevant is a genie these days? Maybe they did because of how people thought magic was so cool and hip in those times but in due credit magic still exists to this day. We live in a world of magic that is not created from our imaginations but a world of magic that is pure reality. If Shazam was real he would be a mighty being that would watch over the spirits of everyone. That is the spirit WB should bring to a Shazam film. Like how Santa Clause brings gifts to people every year and this I did get a nice gift from Santa last year! Well back on the topic of things oh and speaking of the film Kazaam portrayed a great version of Shazam and that is the true sense WB should emulate towards the audiences once again. The family friendly stand point that always drives every comic book fan with insane happiness that yes this is a film they could take their friends who don't know about comic book films too!

Thoughts and opinions comment something below have good day!

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