SMALLVILLE Alum John Glover Has Reportedly Joined The Cast Of SHAZAM!

SMALLVILLE Alum John Glover Has Reportedly Joined The Cast Of SHAZAM!

SMALLVILLE Alum John Glover Has Reportedly Joined The Cast Of SHAZAM!

Shazam! is just a few months away but another casting addition has now been revealed, and it sounds like John Glover is returning to the DC Universe after playing Lionel Luthor in Smallville. Check it out!

Shazam! will explore the DC Extended Universe's history and with rumours swirling that we'll see the Seven Deadly Sins in the movie, Warner Bros. is obviously going to need someone to play them.

While nothing has been confirmed in regards to who - or what - he'll star as, a new report claims that Smallville alum John Glover has boarded the DC Comics adaptation in an undisclosed role. The actor is no stranger to playing a bad guy after starring as the diabolical Lionel Luther in the aforementioned The CW series and it's easy to imagine him lending his voice here.

Glover also appeared in Batman and Robin in a minor role when he played
Dr. Jason Woodrue. 

Shazam! has assembled an impressive cast, and it definitely seems like there's going to be some surprises. A new trailer is said to be right around the corner and if you're curious about what to expect, you can find a description of what's coming by clicking on the "View List" button. 

Apparently, the trailer kicks off with Billy Batson eating dinner with his foster family when Cooper Andrews' Victor Vazquez (his foster father) points out that a costumed superhero has appeared in Philadelphia. A montage of clips from the first trailer is then shown before we get to the new stuff.

Returning to dinner, young Darla Dudley and Pedro Pena make fun of Shazam's costume (much to Billy's disgust) before we head to the Wizard's lair and see Billy acquiring his newfound abilities. 

Billy and Freddy are then shown brainstorming hero names before we see Shazam attempt to fly through the clouds. Unfortunately, he quickly begins to fall but after channelling a certain Man of Steel, he manages to catch himself before crashing into the ground below and comes to the realisation that, yes, he can indeed fly now! 

Mark Strong's Dr. Sivana then makes an appearance and a battle between the villain and Shazam is show in mid-air before the action cuts to a kid playing with Batman and Superman action figures. The two collide at the same time the toys do and this child is actually humming the classic Superman theme while all of this is happening. 


Shazam and Freddy are then shown at a real estate office where they are trying to find a "lair." While castles are preferable, they'd also like something overlooking water. The trailer then wraps up with Billy's fellow foster kids confronting him about being a superhero before more action scenes are shown of him in action. 

Before the logo hits, Sivana asks Shazam how old he is and Billy replies, "Basically 15." It's then that we get the money shot of the hero jumping off a building as he shouts "Shazam!" and transforms into his alter-ego. 

As for the stinger, it kicks off with Sivana throwing Shazam into a toy store. The hero throws a Batman toy at the villain (which misses) before ending up on a large scale piano in a pretty obvious homage to Big

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