The Rock Talks Shazam, Still Wants To Play Black Adam

The Rock Talks <em>Shazam</em>, Still Wants To Play Black Adam

The former WWE star turned successful actor talks about a potential Shazam/Captain Marvel movie, and the role everyone wants to see him play, Black Adam...

I think its pretty much a given that most CBM fans would like to see Dwayne Johnson portray Captain Marvel's nemesis/sometime ally Black Adam. He has been fan casted in the part more times than you could shake a stick at, and topped most fan polls too. One such poll was an MTV one, and the actor talked all about it when he stopped by for an interview...

“I don’t know,” sighed the star, when asked if he could ever see the movie happening. “I can never say that with truth. The truth that I can tell you is that I would love to play Black Adam.”

Screenwriter John August said Shazam seemed to be D.O.A. But Johnson revealed that his friend and Get Smart director Peter Segal is still determined to get the movie made at some stage..

“There’s a lot of [factors in play], the studio will have to decide on that, whoever the director is – hopefully, it will be Pete Segal – who is still very passionate about the project. Both of us are, by the way. I’m not too sure where it’s at right now, but I would love to [do it].”

“What I’ve found is [playing superheroes] is a lot more specific than [looks],” he explained, saying the Shazam character would be a rare mix of looks and backstory being perfectly suited for a star. “That’s why Black Adam resonated with me, especially once I started to understand the story of Black Adam and how he related within his story.”

I think we can all agree that The Rock is that rare thing, a wrestler that can actually act. Of course it would be nice to see him in better movies(in other words, stuff not like The Tooth Fairy) and Shazam is the place to start. Lets hope this happens. I'm not a big fan of Captain Marvel, but I do love Black Adam! Bring it on.
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