Jaime King Says She Will Be Back for SIN CITY 2

Jaime King Says She Will Be Back for SIN CITY 2

Jaime King Says She Will Be Back for <i>SIN CITY 2</i>

The actress that played the twin sisters Goldey and Wendy in Sin City, talks about the sequel, and her promotional scenes she filmed for the new Star Wars Blu-ray release.

Excerpt from i am ROGUE Interview


"I hear so many things, between the cast and Robert, and Frank, because Frank's like my brother," she said. "They hired a new writer, an Oscar-winning writer, to work on the draft." Though she didn't mention him by name, Monahan's hiring became public last Monday.

For clarification, King also confirmed that she will have a role in the sequel, saying, "That's what I've been told, yes."

"I don't know for sure, now, because they're having a new writer come on," she said of Sin City 2's stories. "But my understanding, it was kind of a melange of the original work of what Frank has done, but everything always comes from Frank, you know what I mean? So even if someone else is writing the physical script, it will always be Frank Miller's ideas."

"You know, one minute, Robert would be like, 'Okay, we're shooting in two months.' And I'm like, 'Okay, I'll be ready.' And then it goes for two years and two years and two years. It's interesting, now, to see how it's going to play," she said. "I feel like what we did then was so revolutionary, so we're really going to have to really step it up."


"I just did this thing for Star Wars," King enthused. "It was myself and Seth Rogen and Emma Stone for George Lucas where they had us do scenes from Star Wars and they put it in the actual Star Wars scenes to help promote the Blu-ray that's coming out." Of the experience, she said, "I only wanted to play boys. I'm like, 'I want to play Obi-Wan, I want to play Yoda, I want to play Luke, I want to play Uncle Owen.' I played Darth Sidious. That was awesome."

Star Wars: The Complete Saga will be released on Blu-ray September 16th.

Jaime was terrific as the naked murdered Goldey, and was okay as the revenge-filled twin sister, Wendy. When she wasn't talking and displayed her chiseled beauty, I was in awe. When she started yapping I lost interest. Although she does deserve credit for kissing Mickey Rourke's character Marv, who had a face that even Frankenstein's monster would call hideous.

Jaime King lately has been lending her vocal chords to the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. On that show she plays the Jedi that has become a bounty hunter, named Aurra Sing. Which probably had a lot to do with her being asked to help promote the blu-ray release for George Lucas next childhood killing piece of crap for Star Wars. I will admit that I would like to see these clips just for the delightful Emma Stone and sometimes funny Seth Rogen.
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