Why You Probably Won't See Clive Owen in Robert Rodriguez's Sin City 2

Why You Probably Won't See Clive Owen in Robert Rodriguez's Sin City 2

Why You Probably Won't See Clive Owen in Robert Rodriguez's <i>Sin City 2</i>

You might not SEE him in the movie, but I wouldn't rule out his involvement. Click the jump to see what is probably in store for Clive Owen's character Dwight.

Before I go into my reasoning make sure you read this most recent interview that the actor had in which he discusses Sin City 2.

The following is an excerpt from an interview Clive had with comingsoon.net
CS: The first time I met you was at the press conference for "Derailed," which was six years ago now, and after that press conference, I asked you about doing "Sin City 2."

Owen: Still?

CS: Now it seems like Robert's back on board and they've got a new screenwriter working on it.

Owen: It seems like it, yeah, yeah.

CS: Do you think at this point you'd still do the movie and still do the role even though it's six years later?

Owen: I don't know; I don't know quite what the plans are now. Like you say, I think every year since we made the original one I'm asked about, "Are they going to do another one?" But I mean, listen, just even the fact that I was in it just as a guy who watches movies, I was a huge fan of the first one. I thought it was pretty groundbreaking, that movie.

CS: I loved the second graphic novel that Frank Miller wrote, it was a great story, but there's an issue about Dwight's appearance since he gets a face lift, which makes one wonder.

Owen: Yeah, that's right, that's right. That's true, yes.

CS: I wondered how they were going to do it and that you might have some insight.

Owen: No, not at all.

Plot - "A Dame to Kill For" follows Dwight who was played by Clive Owen in the movie. He is a lonely guy trying to make it from day to day without losing it. He has a history of snap violent behaviour as most people are in Sin City.

Dwight is trying to make the best out of his cards till an old love interest walks in. Eva, A man eating calculating woman who married into wealth and still wants more.

Eva talks to Dwight and asks for help telling him of the horrors she has lived with while living with her husband and Manute who was played by Michael Clarke Duncan in the movie. - superrobotmayhem.com

"A Dame to Kill For" is the center of my argument that Clive may not be back in the sequel, which will actually be a prequel in my opinion. The "Dame" story in the graphic novel came before the story of Dwight that was featured in the first movie.

What you may not know is that Dwight's face gets shot to hell in the "Dame" story line and he turns to the hookers for help. The character that was played by Rosario Dawson (Gail) comes to his aid in the "Dame" story and helps him get plastic surgery. The surgery is successful but his face is completely different.

Also a major part of the "Dame" story is that Dwight turns to Marv for help. Marv, who was played by Mickey Rourke in the movie, has a brutal scene with Manute (Michael Clarke Duncan)where he takes his eye. As you saw in the first movie, Manute had some sort of red stone in his empty eye socket. I bring this up just to further my case that they have to portray this tale from the beginning, which means that don't need Clive Owen.

You can replace him with an actor that is off the same body structure, but face wise, he could look like anyone. But there is a snag. Clive has a very distinct voice, and it would seem out of place to have anyone else talking with that fake American accent. Clive who at times can be as hard to understand as Christian Bale growling his Batman dialogue. To dub or not to dub will be the question.

Then you also have the problem of having the scenes after he is shot in the face. A face that should resemble Clive's once the surgery is complete. Now, would Clive pop on for voice work, and a cameo? Not sure. What do you think?
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