Todd McFarlane Updates Us On 'Spawn'.

Todd McFarlane Updates Us On 'Spawn'.

Todd McFarlane takes the time to update fans on the current status of his planned 'Spawn' movie, the budget, and his plans to direct...

It's been over ten years since we saw 'Spawn' on the big-screen, and when it arrived it came with mostly negative reviews from critics and fans, and we haven't seen the character return to theaters since.

It's nothing new that creator Todd McFarlane would love to see 'Spawn' brought back into the film world, and with the popularity of comic book movies going on right now, it's no surprise that he has 'Spawn' on his mind. McFarlane took the time to speak with MyDVDInsider and updates fans on the status of the film.

On the status of the script:

"I’m three quarters through it. I’ll finish it and put it on a shelf for about a week. What usually happens is, I come back to it so I can see all the flaws. I do a rewrite and there’s a first draft at that point. Then I’ll start soliciting comments from people I trust to see if I can get the script into working shape. If I can’t, I’m open to someone coming in and helping me with it."

Then he goes on to talk about wanting to direct the film himself:

"There’s only one way a studio is going to say yes, that’s if it’s a low-budget movie. To be honest, as a producer, even I wouldn’t hire myself to direct a big-budget film," he admits. "There are smarter people out there. But if you’re making it for $10 million to $12 million, you’re just going to go get some schmuck director so let me be the schmuck."

On the tone of the film:

"In this new version, there are no supervillains, archenemies or any of that. It’s just a spook movie, something scary going bump in the night. I think I can shoot that for almost next to nothing."

So what do you guys think, would you be up for seeing Spawn make his big-screen return?
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