10 reasons why I think Spider-Man is the best comicbook hero

10 reasons why I think Spider-Man is the best comicbook hero

This is just for fun. After bunch of people putting up opinions and ideas, I figured to move away from all that and just write a fun editorial.

As the teaser states, this is made for pure fun. If you want to bash on this or rip on me for not making an editorial not many care about then I suggest you move to the next editorial. This is made for fun and to get away from the heavy and over used topics. Still here? Okay, here are ten reasons that I feel Spider-Man (my favorite) is the best superhero.

10: Rogues Gallery

Spider-Man doesn't have the perfect rogues gallery (Electro, Rhino, Kingpin, Hammerhead, ect.) but in my respectful opinion, he has the best. Not all of them are phsycotic or crime lords. Some do have deeper layers to them and are sympathetic villains. Every hero needs a challenge in a villain and that is how it is for every comicbook hero. A villain is a heroes yin to their yang. Lex Luthor is to Superman what Joker is for Batman and Green Goblin is for Spider-Man. They bring out the best in the heroes. For me personally, Spider-Man has the best set.

9: Sense of Humor

This is one of the things that makes Spider-Man different from characters like Batman and Superman. It's also one of the best things about Spider-Man. Sure, he has had times where he doesn't wisecrack because of the seriousness of the moment but, overall he never loses his sense of humor. Something that was even touched upon in all the Spider-Man movies more so in The Amazing Spider-Man. "You found my weakness, it's small knives."

8: Powers/equipment

Just about every superhero as super speed, strength, agility, ect. Spider-Man can crawl on walls and has spider-sense which we all know helps him evade danger. One of Spider-Man's best qualities his is intellect which he uses to make web shooters. If he runs out, it dramatizes the situation and I've always felt that the web shooters were really cool.

7: Love Interests

Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Felicia Hardy, Betty Brant, ect. His love interests were (for me) more interesting of the female characters in comics. Gwen had a short run and the Goblin made sure of it. Mary Jane is the most well known and Felicia Hardy is more of she is the black cat in Spidey's life (no pun intended) and there was always something about her that made her interesting. These felt like real people to me. Which brings me to my next point.

6: It feels real

I don't mean like Batman real. I mean, the settings are real and (for me) the characters feel real. Peter Parker was always a real person to me. The stories felt like they were actually happening. This is something that was real to me.

Now we enter the top five.

5: Spider-Man: No More

This is something that never happened before. Batman never gave it up, Superman didn't give it up, ect. This also helped Spider-Man feel like a real character to me, it's also one of the best stories in the Spider-Man lore. Everything that goes wrong went wrong. He didn't want to do it anymore.

4: Morale

The quote "With great power comes great responsibility" helps but it's more of the idea behind it that helps makes it so great. He isn't like Superman (I don't mean to bash) where he was born that way, he isn't like Batman where he came back and decided to help the city. Spidey has basic human flaws and had to learn it, it has a greater impact considering he was a teenage superhero.

3: Stories

The Night Gwen Stacy Died, Kraven's Last Hunt, The Debut of Venom, ect. Great stories that keep the reader engrossed. I'm not saying other superheroes don't have the same thing but, this is part of what helped Spider-Man to be so memorable.

2: Appearances are deciving

It's the fact that he isn't huge (in muscle) like Superman, Batman, Captain America. He has muscle but is fairly skinny. He isn't as strong. But, that doesn't mean he isn't a challenge. At first glance, he seems like an easy win but he is actually much tougher than thought. He in some cases is an underdog which brings me to the number one reason he is my favorite...

1: He's the relatable every man

He's the most relatable superhero in my opinion. He is the every man. As a teenager myself, I can relate to him more than any other superhero. He's not good looking, has girl problems, money problems, ect. He always has problems. That's the main appeal of Spider-Man. He is everybody for the most part.

So, those are my reasons for why I think that Spider-Man is the best superhero. Now I ask, who is your favorite superhero? Put it in the comments below and explain why. Again, this was meant to be a fun article. Be respectful please.
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