A Darker Spiderman huh?

Figured I'd give my two cents, because after the recent Marc Webb interview I realized way too many people keep asking if this movie is gonna be darker.

It's like almost every interview I watch they ask the same question. And they always answer essentially "No"! It will be more realistic and relatable but darker I don't think so. You can pretty much tell by the clips and trailers Spiderman is more comedic this time around. I agree the danger and death need to be around in the movie I didn't get that out of the Raimi trilogy I was never really worried. I don't expect for Spiderman to be tossing Two-Face off a building leave the dark stuff to The Dark Knight. I wanna see a wisecracking jerk out of Spiderman that is the true Spiderman. Why do people feel that every superhero movie needs to be dark. Now even Superman in the Man of Steel is gonna follow the Dark Knight path. I don't have anything against them in fact I love the new Batman movies and Batman was meant to be dark not Spiderman or even Superman. I think majority of people just wanna see a darker Spiderman so the keep mentioning it in hopes that its true. Honestly though I am excited for the Amazing Spiderman and i think Andrew Garfield will be an excellent Peter Parker because he is a good actor and looks the part but also because this Peter is more nerdy and sympathetic. Also I kinda wanted to hear your guys thoughts I know I'm not the writer or anything but I just thought it'd be cool if the called the sequel the Spectacular Spiderman and the third movie the Ultimate Spiderman. You know instead of it just being called Amazing Spiderman 2. Anyways maybe not everyone will agree with me on the darker thing but thats ok I just thought i'd throw it in.
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