Andrew Garfield On How He Got The Role Of Spider-Man!

Andrew Garfield On How He Got The Role Of Spider-Man!

Andrew Garfield On How He Got The Role Of Spider-Man!

The actor briefly talks about how he ended up landing the role of the iconic comic book character and once again discusses why Spider-Man is so important to him...

In an interview with British newspaper, The Telegraph, the 27-year-old actor once again talks about growing up with the character and how that will influence his performance (if it sounds like we've heard all that before, it's probably because he's been asked the same questions so many times!) but on a more interesting note, he also reveals the events that led up to him nabbing the role of Peter Parker!

"I think Mark Webb and the production team had seen a movie I had done and also an audition I had done for another film and I was told they were considering me," he told them when quizzed about how exactly he ended up being a contender along with the likes of Logan Lerman and Zac Efron.

"I kind of thought they were crazy but at the same time I was like: 'No, maybe they’re not crazy.' It was a wonderful duality. Then I got the call and it was a dream come true."

We all know about Garfield's mum making getting him a Spider-Man costume when he was a kid, but this time he went on to talk about how his father influenced his love of the character: "My dad explained what it meant and explained what Spider-Man stood for, and how he was just a teenager and skinny and small and goes through the same problems as all teenagers but he is stronger inside than he looks on the outside."

"That became really important to me and it’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life. Spider-Man has all the elements I can relate to."

And despite the fact that the actor is able to relate to the emotional side of the wall crawler, it seems that he's even more excited about being able to bring his childhood fantasies to life, "They showed me the cartoon and the sheer sight of someone swinging through New York City was breathtaking and my fantasy really began from there."

The currently untitled Spider-Man reboot will swing into theaters in 3D on July 3, 2012!

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