Andrew Garfield On TASM: "We Haven't Gone For Gritty"

Andrew Garfield On TASM: "We Haven't Gone For Gritty"

Andrew Garfield On TASM: "We Haven't Gone For Gritty"

Marc Webb's new Spider-Man chats to Total Film about taking on the iconic role, and says that despite what many assumed from the trailer, we are not necessarily in for a darker take on the story..

We have already heard quite a lot from Garfield, and most other people associated with Marc Webb's upcoming Spidey reboot. But here he addresses the tone of the movie, and suggests that despite our preconceptions that this would be a darker, grittier story akin to what Christopher Nolan did with his take on The Dark Knight, that's not strictly true. Spider-Man, he says, is nothing like Batman..

"We haven't gone for gritty, we've gone for grounded. If we try and make Batman, we'll fail. The new Batman is it's own thing - and also in terms of tone, Spider-Man is nothing like that character. Spider-Man is witty, Spider-Man is a kid, Spider-Man wants to have fun, he's a teenager and he needs to go through first love and piss around"

Garfield also reiterates his passion for the character, and sounds very determined to do Spidey justice: "I don't give a fuck about making money and all that: I care about the character being served, being treated with respect"

Which is great of course, but we know there are those involved with the movie that DO give a fuck about making money, and clearly expect it to since a sequel is already greenlit for a Summer 2014 release. As far as that goes Producer Matt Tolmach teases that this first film will introduce a few things that will go unanswered until the sequel..

"The movie's a full meal, but there are things and mysteries that won't get resolved until the next movie. I mean, there's too much to look at, in a good way!"

For more be sure to check out the new issue of Total Film, out now.

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