Andrew Garfield on the Pressures of Playing Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield on the Pressures of Playing Spider-Man

The Actor talks about his opinion on how his life will be after potraying Spider-Man...

CTV News posted this Interview with Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield doesn't think playing Spider-Man will change his life.

The 27-year-old actor – who is set to portray the superhero and his alter ego Peter Parker in the forthcoming reboot of the franchise – insists he is too boring in private to attract any more attention to himself now he has landed such a high-profile role.

He said: "There's nothing interesting about my life.

"Like, I'm not stumbling out of clubs at four in the morning, you know? So there's absolutely no reason for that to happen."

The ‘Social Network' star believes the biggest pressure he has in playing Spider-Man is living up to his own ideas of the character.

He added: "I feel the pressure of my own inner four year old and that's the biggest pressure I could ever come up against. I don't need anyone else to tell me what a big deal it is because I'm Spider-Man's biggest fan."

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