Another Leaked Audition Tape For SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING 2 Teases A European Gwen Stacy

Another <font color=red>Leaked</font> Audition Tape For SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING 2 Teases A European Gwen Stacy

Yet another audition tape for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel has found its way online and it definitely looks like we should expect a very different take on Gwen Stacy in the follow-up...

Peter Parker's love interest in Spider-Man: Homecoming was Liz Allen/Toomes, the daughter of The Vulture. Moving into the sequel, it initially appeared as if that role could be given to Michelle (a.k.a. MJ "to her friends") but a recent audition video pointed to Gwen Stacy showing up in the wall-crawler's world. However, Marvel Studios will seemingly be taking the character in a very unexpected direction.

As you may recall, the last audition video which leaked online pointed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Gwen Stacy 
being a foreign exchange student and now the latest - which features European actress Iris Haller - appears to reinforce that belief. It would make sense for Peter to find himself pining after the new girl in school and this change is actually pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. 

How would you guys feel about Gwen being from overseas in the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel? Would Mary Jane Watson have been a better love interest? Let us know in the comments section.

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