Box Office: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gets an "Amazing" US Thursday night start.

Box Office: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gets an "Amazing" US Thursday night start.

Mark Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 open late Thursday night in US theaters to an Amazing $8.7 Million.

In spite of of the lukewarm reception of Mark Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with critics and some fans alike, it seems like general audiences are swinging on drones to catch the latest film featuring everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Variety reports The Amazing Spiderman 2 opened to an Amazing $8.7 during Thursday night screenings in the US. 

To put it into perspective, this opening is higher than the $7.5 million The Amazing Spider-Man pulled on Thursday night screenings 2 years ago, but it is still lower than Captain America Winter Soldier's $10.2 million just a month ago. Projections are putting The Amazing Spider-Man somewhere between $91-$95 million opening weekend in the US. Perhaps a little lower than Sony was hoping for.

There is no doubt that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will have a very impressive opening but only time will tell how this lower than expected opening will affect the franchise. We also have to keep in mind it has grossed an impressive  $150+ million internationally. What do you guys think? Is it disappointing the latest Spider-Man film won't cross the century mark on its opening weekend? What will it mean if it opens lower than Winter Soldier? Leave your thoughts down below and thank you for reading.

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