“By The Super-Power Vested In Me . . .” Hiding Spider Man in Wedding Cakes Is Becoming a Trend?

“By The Super-Power Vested In Me . . .” Hiding Spider Man in Wedding Cakes Is Becoming a Trend?

Next time you are invited to a wedding take a second look at the towering cake -- you may spy a subversive surprise.

When it comes to trends attempting to makes sense of them can often be a fool’s folly. When you consider the internet has a dual addiction to irony and capriciousness searching for logic or reason in most public craze sensasations will leave you with an empty trove. Thus the relatively new act of nestling the Web Slinger into the signature ceremnial dessert is curious.

As the pictures show these are not Spidey-themed offerings, but rather your expected opulent wedding creations which sport a small but not insignificant appearance of the wall crawler in their design. It would be natural to shrug these off as a one-off occurrence rather than a new social function, but clearly these examples show both a shared theme yet
obvious signs of individuality.

Our hero morphs in appearance in each of these presentations and yet all employ the similar tactic of having our hero seemingly climbing out from between the layers. This should be proof that numerous confectionary artisans are engaging in a now common practice. Why is this happening, and why in this arcane design pattern?

I reached out to Shawna McGreevy, a profssional cake designer, in the hopes of nearing an answer. Shawna designed an impressive cake which sported this very theme, only this time not with Spidey, but Dead Pool crawling from the fondant. I asked if she had an idea on the theme. "I wish I had more to tell you," she offered. "Basically, my client (the bride) sent me a picture with Spiderman crawling out from underneath the cake just like you've seen, and she asked if I could incorporate that into the cake I designed for her, only swap out Spidey for Deadpool."

This could be a sign the trend is evolving. And I suspected that the men may be paying a role in the design for their nuptials. "I think you're right about the bride giving a little something to the groom," Shawna said in agreement. "Most grooms I meet with say something along the lines of, 'This cake thing is the only part I really have an opinion about!'"

However when it comes to nailng down the origns of the tend, like so much on the web, it may go completely unresolved. Said the cake maker, "All I can really say is that I've noticed, in this business, that it's just as it is involving most things in life...someone does something pretty cool, and everyone else starts to do the same thing and the trend has started."

Which only leaves one lingering question. Should Peter Parker get married who does he choose to crawl from under his cake?
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